Tropics Take Aim At Philippines

This system is expected to push to the west for the next few days as it gains strength over the warm waters of the Pacific.

A second landfall of this storm could be over southern Vietnam and Cambodia, bringing with it the possibility of flooding rainfall, stronger winds, coastal flooding, and mudslides. That is Tropical Depression 31W, which is still several hundred miles east of the Philippines, and even southeast of Guam. And with Tropical Depression 30W moving through, even more rain will be added to that total through the week.

Another system, currently called Tropical Depression 30W, is located just east of the southern Philippines island of Mindanao, is expected to push over land in the morning hours Monday, before pushing into the South China Sea by late Monday. There will be a threat for mudslides as several weaker storms over the past few weeks have affected the region and brought heavy rainfall. This third storm is the one to watch closely for the Philippines as this will likely strike land late in the week. This is where the storm is expected to develop further and could become a tropical storm or even a typhoon as it pushes westward.

Published November 03, 2013

Image of the tropical systems from early Sunday afternoon, EST.

The third, and perhaps most dangerous storm is still in its infancy. This is expected to be at least a minimal typhoon as it strikes the central islands of the Philippines, and even has the chance to be a strong typhoon as it moves through. Anyone from Ho Chi Minh City through Hue in Vietnam will have to pay close attention to this storm.

. The exact track is still to be determined, but anyone in the Philippines will have to pay close attention to the system over the next few days.

Typhoon Krosa Targets Vietnam Next

AccuWeather West Pacific Tropical Center

Manila, Philippines forecast

Once this system strikes the Philippines late this week, there is a chance for another system for next weekend with the West Pacific remaining active.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert

Currently, there is a tropical system to the south of Hong Kong, the once typhoon named Krosa, that is expected to strike southern Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia with some rain and threat for flooding Monday into Tuesday.

The tropical West Pacific remains quite active this week, as three systems are currently in the basin with landfall of these storms expected through the week.

This is expected to bring heavy rainfall for most parts of the Philippines, along with some strong winds and rough seas

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