How to Increase Keno Winnings

To do this, we compute the probabilities of matching exactly 5 out of 5, exactly 4 out of 5, and exactly 3 out of 5, and then add them.

P(4 out of 5) = (5 C 4)*(75 C 16)/(80 C 20)

= 3825/316316

= 0.012092

P(k out of n) = (n C k)*(80-n C 20-k)/(80 C 20)

5-Spot Keno Expected Winnings per $1 Wager

Knowing that the overall chance of winning a prize in 5-spot keno game is 1 out of 10.3442 gives you an idea of how frequently you will win something. The total probability of winning any prize is the sum of these three probabilities, 30579/316316 or 0.096672. To calculate the expected payout for the 5-spot keno game in Ohio, you simply multiply each probability by the payout and add up the numbers.

P(5 out of 5) = (5 C 5)*(75 C 15)/(80 C 20)

= 51/79079

= 0.00064492

On average, the 5-spot keno game in Ohio pays about 65 cents on the dollar.

In the expressions above, the function (x C y) is the combination function “x choose y” or the number of ways to choose y objects out a a set of x objects. 5-Spot Keno Probabilities

The 5-spot version is one of the most popular among keno players. But what gamblers really want to know is how much they can expect to win for every $1 they play. As a percent, the chances are 9.6672%. In Ohio, for every $1 wager the payouts are awarded according to the following prize table:

First, let’s calculate the probability of winning any prize. When you play the 5-spot game you pick 5 numbers from 1 to 80, and then see if some or all of them match numbers in a set of 20 numbers that the computer picks from 1 to 80. As odds, the chances are 1 in 10.3442.

P(5 out of 5)*$410 + P(4 out of 5)*$18 + P(3 out of 5)*$2

= 0.00064492*$410 + 0.012092*$18 +0.083935*$2

= $0.6499432

5 out of 5 match: win $410

4 out of 5 match: win $18

3 out of 5 match: win $2

P(3 out of 5) = (5 C 3)*(75 C 17)/(80 C 20)

= 13275/158158

= 0.083935

In general, if you are playing the n-spot keno game, the probability of matching k out of n numbers is given by the formula

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