Breeze Into Bukidnon by Allan Leandro Merin

This landlocked province, the fourth largest in the country with a land area of 10,498.59 square kilometers, charms its guests with a collage of mountains, plateaus, canyons, waterfalls, and vast pineapple farms.

As most Philippine travel guides tell tourists, getting to Bukidnon is quite inconvenient as there are no direct flights to the province from major cities in the Philippines. Park officials guarantee that the zip zone is 100% safe.

One of the wonderful waterfalls of Bukidnon is in the fourth-class municipality of Sumilao. Dulangdulang, the Talaandig Ancestral Territory, and Napalit Lake. The rural setting makes Bukidnon a favorite destination among travelers seeking to escape the hassles of the city life.

Local Philippines is your travel buddy. The spiritual center is perfect for retreats where one can hear monks reciting and singing Latin prayers.

Bukidnon has its own share of colorful events. Come February, the provincial capital, Malaybalay City, hosts the Kaamulan Festival, wherein the provinces seven prominent tribes come together to celebrate their customs and traditions. Bukidnon is also home to Dila Falls, Minlaya Falls, Tingag Falls, Bawa Falls, and Bindol Falls.

Monastery of Transfiguration

Here is a sampling of the astonishing attractions in Bukidnon. . During the festival, which runs until the first week of March, the streets are filled with people wearing colorful costumes with intricate patterns. The majority of the population depends on agriculture, with rice, corn, sugar, coffee, rubber, and pineapple being the major crops. Aside from the above-mentioned attractions, other tourist draws in Bukidnon are Mt. Across the top, the falls measures 148 feet high. One can take a bus or a ferry from the city all the way to the province, where tourists are welcomed by cool breeze and magnificent mountain views.

Bukidnon is regarded as the food basket of Mindanao, one of the three island groups in the country along with Luzon and Visayas. Some of the recommended hotels and resorts in the province are the MGM Mountain Resort, Lucky 9 Resort, and Edlimar Farm and Spring Resort.

Alalum Falls

Kaamulan Festival

One way to unwind and rediscover your spiritual path while in Bukidnon is to visit the Monastery of Transfiguration. It also provides daredevils a breathtaking view of the lush greenery in the mountains of Dahilayan. The occasion is part of the celebrations for the foundation anniversary of Bukidnon.

Wondering on where to spend an idyllic vacation in the Philippines? Here is a travel tip – breeze into Bukidnon in northern Mindanao to get a feel of a relaxing countryside vacation. Cagayan de Oro City serves a jump-off point to Bukidnon. The park is home to Asias longest dual zipline with a length of 840 meters. The famed monastery, an architectural work of the late national artist Leandro Locsin, is nestled on the slopes of Malaybalay City. It is surrounded by lush trees, rocks, and green plants. Alalum Falls is located just along the Sayre Highway, making it readily visible to motorists and travelers. The zipline is placed some 4,700 feet above sea level. Accommodations in the province range from the basic to the luxurious. We have information about the destinations, how to get there, what to do while in the area and more! Destinations in the beaches or in the mountains, destinations under water, destinations right at the middle of the urban hub, name it and Local Philippines will most likely feature it.

Dahilayan Adventure Park

A recent addition to the growing list of tourist attractions in Bukidnon is the Dahilayan Adventure Park

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