It’s Time to Bring Voice Into Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

This is because the predictive dialer is only going to contact the leads whose information was submitted from the same efforts that led to the creation of the landing page.

As such, when integrated into the rest of a comprehensive affiliate marketing campaign, voice capabilities can have a massive impact on not only productivity, but the conversions that come with an increased ability to reach out to and connect with pre-qualified sales.

Or, for those who prefer a more concise explanation: youre going tomake more sales.

But, you might be saying, were going to send out a lot more than 900 emails.

That may very well be the case. Remember, its 5-15% of your leads; not your visitors.

One out of 900.

Take, for example, that same landing page we discussed earlier. Its what happens with that three percent, however, that makes all the difference.

Your first email experience was probably pretty close to the same thing. You opened a web browser probably Netscape Navigator typed in some characters and, for the first time, saw the Web in its infancy.

Lets take a quick look at what that three percent gets you.

Landing Pages

For every 300 visitors you get to your landing page, youre perfectly happy when nine fill out the form or add themselves to your distribution list.

Now, granted, financial and gaming industries do have better than average responses on marketing emails upwards of 20% open with a 3% average click rate. However, 54% will answer the phone if an actual number comes up regardless of whether it is one that they are familiar with. You probably composed the email just like a written letter and thought for minutes on end about how to come up with the perfect subject line.

Heres whats not the answer: Changing the font in your email. So, if you want to send 20,000 emails for less than 18 conversions, go right ahead.

So, Whats the Answer?

Glad you finally asked.

5-15% conversion doesnt sound half-bad, does it? But, when youre starting with nine leads, that only means one conversion. As leads sign up and provide their contact information, youll find that a voice broadcast generally has a three percent conversion rate. Better qualified and better quality leads that experience a modern sales funnel like a voice-powered marketing campaign run by a predictive dialer are far more likely to become customers. Doing three days worth of research into a better subject line. Nine will click through and one will sign up for an account or spend some money.

When a lead is contacted via a voice campaign and is presented with the option to act on the call (press 1 for sales, for example) that action is the same thing as a click. Make unknown number a thing of the past and link a proper CLI to your predictive dialer campaign so the recipient sees that the call originated from a local area code.

What happens to those nine precious leads is now in the hands of your sales team. Companies, who can respond quickly will be greatly rewarded by making that instant connection and reaching customers at the moment of need. But, statistically speaking, your conversion rate will stay about the same. They dont have to know who it is they just want to see a local number.

The key is to consider voice.

However, when you add enhanced VoIP capabilities like a cloud-based PBX with a predictive dialer, you can effectively raise the productivity of your sales agents by 400%. So, out of 900 emails sent, about 180 will actually open the email. You bumbled through addressing the message; using foreign symbols and nomenclature like @ and .com. The key here is to finally start to innovate.

This guest article was written by Dan Leubitz who is the CTO of INNITEL telecom.

All this is great, but fast response improves your odds of conversion. Everyone is pushing the usual suspects email, landing page, SEO, SEM and theyre keeping expectations tempered at a stagnant and paltry three percent action rate.

One single conversion out of the 300 that saw your landing page. They volunteered their information and were waiting for your call. So, of 900 visitors, nine will have acted by pressing 1. For those keeping up with the math, thats already 9 times over both email and landing page efforts.

Less than a third of phone users answer their devices when unknown number or withheld number flashes across their screen. SEO, PPC, and Email all drive traffic and help brand discoverability, the goal often being lead generation.

The possibilities dont end there, however. When a voice is utilized in conjunction with digital marketing, you change the game and improve the odds.

Aaron Friedman, Director of Innovation of FiveBlocks, a digital consulting and reputation management company, adds, Innovation means sensing the change in the industry and moving with it. Youll have fewer missed calls, fewer disconnects, higher conversions, and a significantly more efficient sales infrastructure.

Nine. Or better yet, staying ahead of it. Still happy?

How About Email?

An email goes straight to a recipients mailbox! They get an alert and everything! Theyll have to see my message, wont they?

Only live calls are sent to available agents which means that your agents arent wasting time waiting for calls to be connected they are constantly speaking with pre-qualified leads who want to be contacted by your agents. A good sales team with a good product should be able to make the Hubspot average of 5-15%.

Well, how many sales emails do you open?

Think back, for a moment, to the very first time you saw a webpage. Without it, you are leaving everything to chance. Out of 300.. If youd like to keep spinning your wheels looking for a solution based on the same way youve always done things, then youve already lost. Current methods of reaching your target market in digital marketing have to continuously evolve to the behavior of your target demographics, let alone the drastic changes in the industry. All you have to do is close them.

Perhaps most interestingly, however, is the fact that lead conversion continues to increase proportionately with the number of outbound calls.

Pulling It All Together

Hopefully by now youre starting to see that its not so much the idea of how many leads you have, but instead, its what you do with them when you get them. Making your landing page images bigger.

Nostalgia is fun, isnt it? But, consider this:

Why are you basing the core of your affiliate marketing strategy on something so old that it allows for that nostalgia? Weve been surfing the web and sending emails for over two decades now isnt it time that your affiliate marketing efforts caught up and took advantage of new modes of communication?

The Current State of AffairsDan Leubitz, CTO, INNITEL telecom

Dan Leubitz, CTO, INNITEL telecom

Its easy to understand why you might be comfortable with the results youre seeing no one is stirring the pot

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