Using Reverse Line Movement To Win

This would make Miami +6 the RLM play.

So what causes RLM when the aim of most sportsbooks is to get as close to balanced action on both sides as possible? The answer to this is quite simple: the sharp bettors; the one’s who give sports betting advice. Note that these records are for sides only and do not include totals.

The NFL sports betting is generally considered the toughest sport to beat, yet blindly following this method produced an exceptional 59.2 percent win rate last season, improving the two year record to 328-249-12, 56.8 percent, +59.06 units. Carib ruled the roost season at 93-66-9, 58.5 percent, +18.55 units after ABC held the penthouse spot in the 2007-08 season.

By: Manny G

The proper way to make a sports bet using reverse line movement is to place your bet as soon as there is an RLM of one full point (or 10 cents in MLB and NHL) off of the opening line. Last year was a good RLM season for NFL sports betting (45-29, 60.8 percent, +11.91), but two sportsbooks that were in the top five in NFL RLM in both seasons.

NBA sports betting has the lowest two-year five-book RLM winning percentage among the 11/10 sports, but then again, every gambler in the world would kill to go 382-301-9, 55.9 percent, +48.90 units, and the 57.5 percent win rate this past season is nothing to sneeze at. The records quoted below are based on the bets being made at the triggering books, so beating the move by a half-point or a few cents now and then would actually make your record even better.

Also, games where over 60 percent of the public are on one side, yet there is reverse line movement of at least 10 cents on the Money Line from the opening number at the top five sportsbooks in MLB and NHL sports betting has also been profitable. RLM takes place when more money/ sportsbook picks are bet by the small percentage of bettors that are on the unpopular side (the sharps) than is bet by the huge majority of players betting the popular side (the squares). The huge problem with this is that the nfl line, ncaaf line or nhl line may have moved too much by that time, and all of the value has been sucked out of the unpopular side.

Now do the sharps win every single time? Absolutely not! However, they are right more often than they are wrong, so being on the same side as the sharps is a prudent strategy over the long run, and again, the best thing is that there in absolutely no conventional sports handicapping necessary..

So what exactly is reverse line movement? RLM takes place when a large majority of bets are on one team, yet the line moves in the opposite direction. Quite a few RLM followers watch the moves until almost game time, and then bet accordingly. Another important recommendation is to use a slow moving (but reliable) sportsbook. However, instead of the line rising as you might expect, it instead drops to Chargers -6. Keep a close eye on Canbet here, as that Australian sportsbook cracked the top five both years.

The highest two-year winning percentage using RLM from the top five books belongs to College Football, which went 480-341-10, 58.5 percent, +95.10 units. To back this up, our friends over at have tracked the records for games where over 60 percent of the public has been on one side, yet there was reverse line movement of at least one full point from the opening number at the top sportsbooks in NFL, NCAAF, NBA and NCAAB. To illustrate, let us say that San Diego Chargers open at -7 over the Miami Dolohins, and over 70 percent of the sports bets placed on the game are on San Diego. Keep in mind that NCAAB was the most liquid sport in terms of top-five sportbooks however, with not a single sportsbook making the top five both years. All of this will be fun to follow (not to mention profitable) when every sport except baseball are going on simultaneously during the winter months.

. It should be noted that many fewer MLB games have qualified so far this season (is the whole world using RLM now?), but smaller profits is still profit.Again, these records are for Money Lines only and do not include totals.Finally, NHL sports betting has picked up 148.49 units in two years, and unlike MLB, NHL had four sportsbooks out of the top five gain double-digit units this past season. This is where an important word of caution is in order though. Keep an eyes on the top five sportsbooks at Sports Insights though, as NCAAF sports betting has been very liquid in that regard, with only one sportsbook (believe it or not, Bodog) finishing in the top five both years.

College Basketball sports betting was not too shabby either, with a two-year mark of 492-356-22, 58.0 percent, +91.96 units.

So what we recommend is to only use the top five each season for each individual sport (in terms of units won). We tracked the top five books for each of the pointspread sports for the last two years, as as you can see, this strategy has been profitable in every sport. This may enable you to get the stale more favorable sports betting line at the time the reverse line movement hits at the triggering Sportsbook. Furthermore, they list the RLM records for many individual sportsbook, making it easy to spot which books this system is working at and which books it may be best to ignore.

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Thus, following reverse line movements is the same thing a following the smart money. Sure, using this approach leaves open the possibility of the line turning around and moving back against you, but as you will see in bit, betting as soon as an RLM qualifies has been profitable in every major North American sport such as the last two seasons, so if one line turns around, so be it

Top 10 Sports Intro Theme Songs

5) NBC – NBA on NBC

Here is a list of my Top 10 sports introduction theme songs and off to the right, you can listen to each of the introduction sports theme songs. As of 2006, ESPN owns the broadcast

rights to show Monday Night Football, but ABC’s MNF theme song lives on. My preference for the March Madness song is from the 1990s compared.

2) CBC – Hockey Night in Canada (HNIC) – NHL on CBC

The opening intro for Canada’s CTV network for the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver, BC Canada based on the Nikki Yanovsky song “I Believe”.

When I hear the introduction theme song for ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, it makes me think of the ESPN’s long time play-by-play announcer Jon Miller saying Sunday Night Baseball presented by Taco Bell. 7) FOX – NFL on FOX

This was the theme song for the NBA in the 1980s in the era of the dominated by the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. Luckily, TSN saved the day for many Canadians as they decided to pay the royalties and is using it for their introduction to NHL Hockey on TSN.

8) NBC – Wimbledon Tennis on NBC

6) CBS – March Madness – NCAA Basketball on CBS

1) CTV – 2010 Olympics on CTV. The chosen MNF theme song for the Top 10 Sports Intro Theme Songs is based in on the song played in1989. This song reminded me about the days of watching Julius Erving (Dr J), Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson play in the NBA.

This was the catchy intro theme song that FOX uses to broadcast NFL football and debuted in the early 90′s after they won the broadcast rights to show NFL games in the National Football Conference (NFC). There are several versions of the Wimbledon that were considered such as the BBC version and the ESPN version, but I ultimately chose this one to be the best of the bunch. So depending on your tastes, you may like the current version better.

This is introduction theme song for Wimbledon Tennis on NBC. This intro theme song was played in the era dominated by the Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls and their six NBA Championships.

This is part of Canadian pop culture listening to the intro to Hockey Night in Canada from CBC.

This article lists the Top 10 intro sports theme songs. The current version of the intro song is similar to the one played in the 90′s with some minor modifications. CBC decided not to use this song for its introduction to Hockey Night in Canada back in 2007 due to not wanting to pay for the royalty fees for using the song.

9) ESPN – Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN

This intro theme song was introduced after NBC picked the rights to broadcast NBA games in the 1990s.

4) CBS – NBA on CBS

3) ABC – Monday Night Football (MNF) – MNF on ABC

The catchy upbeat intro theme song for broadcasting Major League Baseball on FOX which debuted in 1996 as FOX took over the rights to show baseball from CBS.

This intro song by CBS was played for the NCAA Men’s College Basketball in the early 90′s. Some of these intro theme songs are part of the pop culture in their respective sports such as CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada theme song and ABC’s Monday Night Football.

10) FOX – Major League Baseball (MLB) on FOX


Monday Night Football has been the staple of primetime television since

its inception in the early 70′s. The instrumental introduction theme song was played during the 16 days of the Winter Olympics 2010 and most likely be part of the next Olympic Winter games. When many Canadian hockey fans had heard of this bad news, there was a public outcry to save the Hockey Night in Canada theme song as this song represented what hockey meant to Canada

Betting On March Madness

The Wildcats are most capable of putting up a good fight because they’re playing like they belong in the tournament and have been consistent.

In December, the Wildcats were 7-9. After beating North Carolina earlier this year, they won four games their after. A strong presence in the Pac-10 tournament will probably get the Wildcats in. They’re 1-7 against opponents with an RPI rating in the top 50 which might be the key figure heading into Selection Sunday. People who bet on College basketball know that these teams have plenty of talent. Since then, they’ve had 11 wins in 13 games. . A run to the Big East final could put Orange in the position to get in as a 9 or 10 seed.

Arizona has lost to UCLA, USC, Washington State and Stanford, all of which are headed for the NCAA tournament. They beat Tennessee twice and Vanderbilt once. They have the ability to get on unexpected rolls but they can also burn out fast the way Seton Hall did 2 years ago after losing by 20 points to Wichita State after coming in as a potential Cinderella 10 seed from the Big East. Between injuries and loses, their bubble will likely burst for the second straight year.

Schools like Kentucky, Florida, Arizona, Maryland, Syracuse have all won NCAA tournament titles in the past decade. After losing 4 games in December, they’ve dropped back to back games only once. In addition, they didn’t cover the point spread in their last 3 home games. Unless they have a good run in the conference tournament, the Gators won’t be an option to three-peat when sports betters fill out their March Madness bracket.

Syracuse Orange began the year on a good note because of some talented freshmen recruits. Their loss to Kentucky reduces their chances of an at large bid. It’s reasonable to assume that they won’t be making it to the tournament.

Some powerful college basketball teams may not be able to work their way into the NCAA tournament.

The Gators have won back to back championships but lost some top players after last year’s title run and are expected to be in the bottom of the SEC this season. Experienced sportsbook enthusiasts don’t bet on teams like these. If the Wildcats don’t make the tournament, it will end a great run of 23 straight years in the Big Dance. Then, they lost 3 games. They’re hoping that will be enough to get them into the tournament. Experts say that the following teams are most likely to make it to March Madness.

The Orange’s March Madness odds are at 100/1. If they don’t get upset in the SEC tourney, they should make it to the tournament.

The Maryland Terrapins have been extremely inconsistent. Johnny Flynn and Donte Greene played well but not as good as Carmelo Anthony did in his first year. You can trust Gary Williams’ team to make you money about as much as you can bank on a Wall Street broker these days. They lost 5 of their last 8 games. However, after upsetting Marquette, there may still be hope because Syracuse is usually a tough out in the conference tournament at Madison Square Garden