Quality of warhead triggers questioned

The last of the original triggers were manufactured in the late 1980s.

Any variation or flaw in the pit could cause a warhead not to detonate properly or to detonate with less explosive power than expected.

“With this large number of waivers, how is it possible to objectively tell whether the pit will even work?” said Danielle Brian, executive director of the group that monitors nuclear weapons-related activities. The scientist spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the issue.

A watchdog group now is raising questions about whether the replacement triggers, also known as pits, can be guaranteed to be as reliable as those already in some 400 W88 warheads. The result is a a massive hydrogen blast.

The Project on Government Oversight says it was told by some Los Alamos scientists that the trigger certified last July and known as the W88 pit needed 72 waivers from the specifications used for the original triggers, including 53 engineering-related changes.

Resting atop the Trident II missile, the W88 warhead is among the mainstays of the country’s submarine-based nuclear arsenal. The original triggers were made with the benefit of underground nuclear testing, which the U.S.

The government acknowledges differences between the old triggers and their replacements.

The new ones were made by using a mold to cast the grapefruit-size plutonium sphere. For years, however, testing the warhead’s components to ensure the weapon produces the intended blast instead of a fizzle has been complicated by a lack of replacement plutonium triggers.

At least one other replacement pit required 71 specification waivers, a Los Alamos scientist indirectly involved in the production process told The Associated Press. To scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, that was a milestone to celebrate. halted in 1992, and through a different process than the replacements. Such approval means they are ready to use.

Last summer, the first replacement plutonium trigger in 18 years received “diamond stamp” approval signaling it was ready for use in a warhead. It meant the warheads, after testing that makes the original trigger unsuitable for reuse, could be reassembled with a new trigger and put back into service.. So far, nine have earned the “diamond stamp” from the National Nuclear Security Administration, which oversees the lab’s programs. The original triggers, all made at the now-closed Rocky Flats facility in Colorado, were hammered into precise form. She posed that question in a letter last Friday to Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman.

Precise manufacture of the trigger is essential.

Since last summer’s announcement, the Los Alamos lab has made 10 additional W88 triggers. That, in turn, creates the high temperatures and pressure to ignite a “secondary” nuclear component. These means included small-scale plutonium tests, technical data from past underground tests, and computer codes and models.

In a warhead’s detonation, a conventional explosive packaged around the pit compresses the plutonium inward, creating enough pressure for an atomic chain reaction. This process is viewed by metallurgists as producing a stronger product.

Because the United States no longer conducts underground nuclear tests, the Los Alamos scientists had to rely on other sources to replicate the original triggers and guarantee that the replacements would be as reliable as the old

W88 warhead program performs successful tests

(Sandia National Laboratories) Click on the thumbnail for a high-resolution image

A month later, the first drop test of the W88 ALT 370 program mimicked a crane accidentally dropping the re-entry body onto a concrete surface to develop evidence that it would remain safe during an accident. CRAFT demonstrated how the radar performed during re-entry through plasma generated by the hypersonic speeds at which the warhead travels.

Sandia news media contact: Sue Holmes, sholmes@sandia.gov, 505-844-6362

The two successful tests, which were conducted this summer, provide data for the program, the W88 ALT 370 (alteration), to move forward, said Tim Edwards, manager for the program’s technical basis and qualification activities.

Sandia National Laboratories is a multi-program laboratory operated by Sandia Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corp., for the U.S. Using an unarmed re-entry body, Sandia conducted the test in partnership with LANL, KCP and Pantex at Sandia’s 185-foot Drop Tower Facility, using the same handling gear a crane would use to move the weapon, making the test as realistic as possible.. Sandia and its partners are analyzing results to validate requirements and radar design.

“The weapon is not required to function after that, just to stay safe,” Edwards said.

It was the W88 program’s first abnormal drop test since the system’s original qualification test in 1987. An abnormal environment is one that is unexpected, such as an accident.

The Critical Radar Arming and Fuzing Test (CRAFT) was the first flight test of a prototype radar for the W88 ALT 370. The test was conducted at Sandia’s 185-foot Drop Tower Facility, using the same handling gear a crane would use to move the weapon. — The first flight and drop tests for the latest variant of the W88 nuclear warhead are providing data for Sandia National Laboratories to validate designs, improve computer modeling and update component specifications.

Sandia National Laboratories performed a drop test for the W88 ALT 370 program, designed to replicate a crane accidentally dropping the re-entry body onto a concrete surface. With main facilities in Albuquerque, N.M., and Livermore, Calif., Sandia has major RD responsibilities in national security, energy and environmental technologies and economic competitiveness.

The June CRAFT test was the first of several planned flight tests to demonstrate the upgraded system’s performance. It also will use the information to validate computer models designed to apply the results to other drop scenarios, since it’s not possible to replicate every possible accident in tests.

The new radar functioned as expected after launch on a Trident II missile from a Navy submarine, Edwards said. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration. It also represented a milestone: the first flight test unit Sandia and its partners, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), the Kansas City Plant (KCP) and Pantex, delivered to the Navy for full-scale testing under the program.


Sandia will use vibration and shock measurements from the test to update specifications for components in the weapon, he said

Transatlantic clean ship rates soften | Energy & Oil | Reuters

Firmer activity in April last year

pushed rates to their highest since 2008 on a jump in U.S.

gasoline demand, helping to reduce the number of tankers

available for hire.

LONDON Jan 23 (Reuters) – Refined petroleum tanker

rates on top export routes were mostly steady on Monday although

slower activity took its toll on earnings in the transatlantic


Brokers said a rush of cargo fixing earlier last week,

helped by a demand boost, lost momentum.

* Transatlantic market set to stay volatile

Rates for medium-range (MR) tankers for 37,000 tonne cargoes

from Rotterdam to New York moved to W155.00, or $11,642 a day

when translated into average earnings, from W164.79 or $13,688 a

day on Friday and W154.38 or $11,406 a day last Monday.

Long Range (LR) 1 tankers, carrying 55,000 tonne loads from

the Middle East Gulf (MEG) to Japan, were at W104.50, from

W104.04 on Friday and W98.15 last Monday.


* LR rates to stay subdued due to China holidays.

Typical Long Range 2, 75,000 tonne shipments on the Middle

East Gulf (MEG) to Japan route stood at W88.95 from W88.71 on

Friday and W88.38 on Monday.

“This looks likely to have been a fleeting spike, however,

and a sedate end to the week lowered rates back down to …

$13,500/day,” broker SSY said on Monday.

Earnings hit their lowest in a year in November and have

been volatile since then

Has Anyone ever been Disfellowshiped Before? (JW’s plz) It sucks.. Still trying to get back. I just need someone to talk to.

After about six months of this she wrote a letter to the society asking to be reinstated; she was turned down. Afterward she would just go sit in the car. Not repentant enough, or something like that.

I wasn’t DF’d because I was never baptized, I was “disassociated,” which is like Disfellowshipping Lite, because I asked to be removed from the congregation. She ended up leaving “The Truth” completely, and almost 20 years later, doesn’t look back at all. However, my sister was DF’d.

. I remember her coming to meetings and just sitting

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Ex-San Diego Mayor Maureen O’Connor admits taking charity funds for gambling addiction


O’Connor gambled in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, N.J., and San Diego.

Before entering federal court Thursday, O’Connor defense attorney Gene Iredale said O’Connor suffered a brain tumor, during which time she gambled away nearly a billion dollars of her inheritance, CBS San Diego affiliate KFMB-TV reports.

“She’s not pleading guilty. “It’s a case in which we’ve agreed that charges will be filed, but they will be dismissed without a conviction, assuming that Maureen has appropriate treatment and conforms to the law for a period of two years.”

(Watch a report from KFMB-TV below)

San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 – cbs8.com

Prosecutors said her gambling winnings amounted to more than $1 billion from 2000 to 2009 but she lost more than that.

Iredale said O’Connor’s poor health contributed to the gambling problem and that she took the money to repay her debts, KFMB-TV reports.. She’s not going to be convicted of a crime,” Iredale told reporters. All Rights Reserved. Peterson, founder of the Jack-In-The-Box restaurant chain.

Updated at 4:04 p.m.

Former San Diego Mayor Maureen O’Connor is seen in this image capture from CBS San Diego affiliate KFMB-TV.


SAN DIEGO Former San Diego Mayor Maureen O’Connor acknowledged Thursday in federal court that she misappropriated $2 million from her late husband’s charitable foundation due to a gambling addiction in which she won more than $1 billion but lost even more over nearly a decade.

© 2013 CBS Interactive Inc. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

O’Connor made the acknowledgement in an agreement with the government to defer prosecution for two years while she attempts to repay the debt.

Her defense attorney estimated the debt at $13 million.

O’Connor was the Democratic leader of California’s second-largest city from 1986 to 1992. The two-term mayor was elected San Diego’s first female leader after eight years on the City Council. She was married to Robert O

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hi?n th? thêm

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Em xin cám ?n nhi?u ?!

The Suicide Capital Of America

It’s not famous for being warm and fuzzy. Most suicides take place in southern Nevada’s populous Clark County, home to the Strip and its decadence and debauchery.

There are consequences to suicide, of course.

“I’ve asked myself that 100 times,” said Judi Kagiwada of Middleboro, Mass., whose 39-year-old husband, Terrence, hanged himself at a downtown casino on March 5, 2003.

But why Las Vegas?

Alan Feldman, MGM Mirage senior vice president for public affairs, said saving people who are suicidal once they arrive in Las Vegas probably is impossible.

The Vietnam veteran, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, according to his doctor, was institutionalized, given treatment and eventually released.

“They pick Las Vegas and kill themselves,” former Clark County Coroner Ron Flud said. He loved Las Vegas.”

From 1991 to 2002, 4,994 people killed themselves in Nevada. … But what he was thinking will always be unclear.

“I always felt something lured me here. Anything.

Orbe married Chiarella in Las Vegas three years ago and found the city luxurious.

By comparison, Atlantic City, N.J., had about one-third as many nonresidents take their lives during that period. Hotels could place the center’s hot line number in rooms or other places for guests, she says.

Experts say some might have been looking for one last sign not to pull the trigger or tie the noose: A jackpot, blackjack or smile. “If a person’s closest friends and family … “They always treated him like a king. I can tell you that.”

Orbe, 64, checked into the exclusive Four Seasons Hotel on March 11 after driving his silver Jaguar from his condominium in Montecito, Calif.

© 2004 The Associated Press. “He was probably trying to protect love ones from the horror.”

The two had separated and planned to divorce. 2, 1999, in a swath of rocky dirt next to New York-New York hotel-casino’s 10-story parking garage.

“Some even expect the call,” he said.

Nothing protects families from the long-term hurt that follows the death notification, and yet county Coroner Michael Murphy said the news doesn’t always come as a shock.

Other places resonate with the suicidal, such as Mount Mihara in Japan and the Empire State Building in New York.

Still, he said, “I wouldn’t bet big money on any particular explanation” behind the deaths.

It was not a hot line but coincidence that saved one 51-year-old Texas man’s life. Four days later he was dead. I have been depressed for almost a year now. In the same six years, no one committed suicide at Disney World.

“Lawrence remained a mystery to those close to him,” she said.

“They always showered him with the attention he felt he deserved,” she said.

Experts and family members have their thoughts – from the city’s culture of anonymity to despair, in some cases, over gambling losses. Police arrived and there was a standoff. Mauldin III was discovered Aug. In some cases, victims appeared to suffer from gambling addictions or killed themselves only after Las Vegas took their money.

The body of William L. can’t prevent it,” Feldman said, “How is the bellman at the hotel all of a sudden going to have this miraculous cure? I don’t know if there is very much we can do.”

Almost all had medical, financial or domestic problems. Most came from California, same as the tourists. All of sudden nothing bothered me.”

In her car, police found a note that said: “One stop and away I go.”

“Las Vegas was one of his very favorite places,” said his former wife, Loni Chiarella. Don’t blame anyone but me.”

Every year desperate men and women make the pilgrimage to the gambling capital to kill themselves. All Rights Reserved. Of those, about 11 percent, or 547, were from out of state. More than once a month, a visitor commits suicide here, according to Clark County Coroner records dating to October 1998.

Matthew Naylor didn’t leave a note before killing himself on June 21, 2002, at the Plaza hotel-casino.

“I came here knowing I was going to do it,” he said at his Las Vegas apartment, speaking on condition that he not be identified. What could be more of an excess than killing yourself?”

Relatives suggest their dead loved ones might have been attracted to a place where you can get lost, and be found only when it’s too late.. According to coroner’s records going back to October 1998, a visitor commits suicide in the nation’s gambling capital about once a month.


Beamish lost his financial-aid money and became depressed. Phillips, a sociologist at the University of California at San Diego, who co-authored a 1997 study that found Las Vegas had the highest level of suicide in the nation for residents and visitors.

He cut some nylon rope from the room’s curtains, looped it around a pipe and tied a noose. Twenty have jumped from casinos and parking garages, including three from the Stratosphere hotel-casino, the tallest building west of the Mississippi.

Strickland was depressed he “had fallen off the wagon,” his friend and fellow actor Andy Dick, told investigators. Chiarella said Orbe was also despondent over recent financial setbacks. 12, 2000. This was my destiny. 1.

By Adam Goldman

Casino companies could do more, but they “don’t want to be connected to us,” says Dorothy Bryant, director of the Suicide Prevention Center in Las Vegas. Others hailed from Texas, Wisconsin, New York, Utah, Kansas, Maine and Oklahoma – 26 states and two foreign countries in all.

Thinking of his mother, he later changed his mind and surrendered.

David Strickland, a 29-year-old Hollywood actor, whose wrists were scarred from previous suicide attempts, toured strip clubs and partied before he put a bed sheet around his neck at the Oasis Motel on March 22, 1999.

“You’re in a place that nobody cares.

But saying exactly why is not so straightforward.

Her family thought Hendricks was on vacation in Las Vegas, which she considered beautiful, said her mother, Rosemary Pitts of Montgomery, Ala.

Las Vegas will be his final stop, though it’s hard for him to say precisely why.

Lawrence Orbe didn’t come to the Las Vegas Strip looking to win big. “I felt very comfortable with it. “It’s a place where we paint our hopes, dreams, fears and apprehensions. It’s a place you can be anonymous and die,” said David P. It’s the city of excess. I can’t get out from under it. 27, 2004, of two recent self-inflicted gunshot deaths of visitors to Las Vegas. He bought a 12-gauge shotgun from Kmart, put it in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

He checked into the Westward Ho hotel-casino on the Strip and wandered the city drinking and gambling for about two weeks before finally deciding to die July 19, 1996.

“Vegas is a canvas for American neurosis,” UNLV history professor Hal Rothman said. He told officers he had a bomb so they wouldn’t rush him.

Las Vegas is different. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. I can’t get away from it. A maid caught him testing the rope. It has no association with death, even though in 2001 Nevada ranked third behind New Mexico and Montana in suicide rates, according to the American Association of Suicidology. His checkbook told the story.

Victims included a banker, musician, immigration officer, pharmacist, exotic dancer, taxi cab driver, disc jockey, car salesman and professional gambler. It’s going to end here. But each case is different.

The 31-year-old died from a loss of hope, said his father, Lewis Naylor, an engineer in Baltimore: “He just had a lot of challenges in life and gave up. Seven and a half years ago, he bought a one-way ticket to Las Vegas to kill himself.

Finding the body would have devastated family members, and that may partly explain why William chose Las Vegas, brother Rob Mauldin said. He checked into a motel Jan. He couldn’t see how it was all going to come together to make a life worth living.”

Five days later, a maid found the businessman in his room, slumped in a chair with a gunshot wound to the head and a suicide note in his leather briefcase.

Suicide is never far away – he’s tried it twice since.

Suicide destinations exist around the world, the most famous of which is the Golden Gate Bridge, where more than 1,000 people have jumped to their deaths since the bridge was constructed in 1937. “It’s a fact.”

, Las Vegas Coroner Michael Murphy looks over autopsy X-rays Jan. For many years it was No. It averages about 20 suicides a year.

As one suicide note said, “Here there are no answers.”

More than 90 people, both tourists and locals, have committed suicide inside a casino or on hotel properties in Clark County since 1998. He didn’t come for the strippers or over-the-top shows.

He came to die.

“The average person who comes here still sees it as Sin City, where the rules of their lives have been suspended, where their actions have no consequences.”

Four months after Orbe’s suicide, Gloreah Hendricks, 30, jumped from the ninth floor of the Aladdin hotel-casino parking garage on July 19, 2003.

Elton Beamish, 24, drove to Las Vegas from Ann Arbor, Mich., where he was a student at the University of Michigan. Strickland, who was in Alcoholics Anonymous, was worried his girlfriend would leave him after his relapse.

In the 32-year-old disc jockey’s pocket was a note for his mother: “Tell her I’m sorry and I love her with all my heart

Column: FIFA presidency no laughing matter as would-be candidate becomes frontman for gambling

That much was clear from the Paddy Power branding.

Whoa. What ever happened to sport for sport’s sake, for the buzz of competition, not a bet? How quaint. After Thursday’s passing of the entry deadline, “Team Ginola” should fade away.

Asking your kids to make tea during half-time breaks won’t shield them from the bombardment, not with gambling ads flashing throughout matches on pitch-side light-boards. The increase was three-fold for children aged 4-15.

But the targets were our wallets and spending habits, not our hearts. Imagine, for a moment, a Paddy Power-financed FIFA president. So silky as a player for Newcastle and Tottenham; so ridiculous now with his car-crash campaign for the FIFA presidency.

But that’s not the point here. “There’s more passion, more pleasure and more pain.”

. But I mean you’re talking about one of the biggest, powerfulest jobs in football and all you’re getting to hear about is Paddy Power.”

Sports and gambling have, of course, long gone together, feeding off each other’s success and growth. It won’t happen; FIFA’s ethics rules should see to that. Hull against Aston Villa on Feb. This was about making a splash. That was before online bookmakers offered odds on anything and everything, from match results and goals scored to which team will win the coin toss or take the first corner, and before their relentless advertising.

Twaddle takes a very dim view of Ginola’s Paddy Power-backed grab for FIFA.

“It’s eyeballs we’re after,” 12Bet executive Rory Anderson, quoted in the Daily Mail, said when the online bookmaker became the name on Hull City’s shirt for this Premier League season.


“I’m here today to talk about love” were the Frenchman’s seductive opening words at his campaign launch in London this month.

John Leicester is an international sports columnist for The Associated Press. Bet again. It reads like a plug for Fifty Shades of Grey.

We’re talking here about David Ginola. FIFA’s election and ethics rules will almost certainly keep him off the May ballot. Write to him at jleicester@ap.org or follow him at http://twitter.com/johnleicester

Sport “matters more when there’s money on it,” it says. There’s nothing funny about the gambling industry’s latest wheeze to sink its teeth even deeper into football and its fans.

Ginola has zero chance of unseating Sepp Blatter. But the mere thought of the gambling industry even attempting to place a stooge at the very top of football makes the prospect of another Blatter term seem perhaps not quite so bad.

PARIS –  Don’t laugh. 10 will pit two Asian online bookmakers against each other. Tuning in for results of football betting pools, which offered big jackpots for small stakes, was a Saturday afternoon ritual for many 20th Century English families.

Bet. Bet some more.

All this in a sport grappling with the increasing danger of gambling-related match-fixing and with ample examples of gambling-addicted players who frittered away their wealth.

And that isn’t funny at all.

But gambling advertising wasn’t as in-your-face as now. Villa’s shirt sponsor is dafabet, a name that works better in Chinese, where “dafa” means “big wealth.” Stoke and Burnley players are billboards for Bet365 and Fun88 (another name that plays on the Chinese word to get rich).

And how about this blurb from Sky Bet, title sponsor since 2013 of England’s three divisions below the Premier League. In pocketing 250,000 pounds (335,000 euros; US$375,000) from bookmaker Paddy Power for this stunt, Ginola became the latest Trojan horse in the gambling and gaming industry’s creeping and creepy embrace of football.

“It just makes like a mockery of football.”

That is the message that football, more than most other sports, is mainlining into our homes, helped by names like Ginola and teams lending their cachet, stadiums, jerseys and players to the industry that had cash to splash when the 2008 financial crisis hobbled other sponsors.

One of those is Kevin Twaddle, a former player for Motherwell and other Scottish clubs who told his story in the biography, “Life On The Line: How to Lose a Million and So Much More.” He no longer gambles and has delivered talks to other players about the risks.

“It’s an absolute disgrace,” he said in a phone interview. “It’s great for Paddy Power. In the UK, which liberalized gambling advertising in 2007, adults’ exposure to gambling commercials on television soared five-fold in eight years to 2012, regulator Ofcom found