Michelle & Barack Share A Moment At Fort Stewart (PHOTOS)

See the Obamas’ sweetest moments from 2011!

President Obama and Michelle held hands as they strolled through Fort Stewart Warriors Walk in Hinesville, Georgia, today, mourning fallen soldiers and signing a new Executive Order to help current military families. In her bright red a-line dress, the classic frame purse, the red flats and the pearls (!!), the first lady looked as ladylike and elegant as we’ve ever seen her.


But we gasped even more when we caught another swoon-worthy moment: Obama PDA.

And that concludes today’s edition of Obama PDA. With cheers all around, the pair shared an insanely cute PDA moment (see below).


We let out an audible gasp when we saw Michelle Obama’s outfit today. Then we melted a little inside. For more where that came from, take a look back at all of the pair’s most affectionate moments here.

Afterwards the president addressed an excited crowd with FLOTUS joining him on stage

Heat, Humidity to Build for 140th Preakness Stakes in Baltimore Saturday

“The showers or thunderstorms will be spotty enough that chances will favor the race will stay dry.”

Kentucky Derby winner American Pharaoh will lead seven other horses around the 1 13/16-mile track for the $1.5 million purse in the Middle Jewel of the Triple Crown.

“Folks going out on race day and spending the majority of the time outdoors should stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water,” AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Andy Mussoline said. AccuWeather RealFeel® temperatures will peak in the mid-90s during the afternoon.

Clouds will limit an otherwise scorching sun from time to time during the entirety of race day, Mussoline said.. EDT Saturday.

“On a muddy track, some horses just absolutely hate it and other horses, they just love it,” Charles Lyman, owner of Maui Meadow Farm, a thoroughbred farm in West Chester, Pennsylvania, told AccuWeather.com before the Kentucky Derby.

Whether it remains dry or not can be a key factor in deciding the race.

Heat and humidity will be on the racing card Saturday for the 140th running of the Preakness Stakes at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore.

Midsummerlike warmth and humidity will envelop the Preakness Stakes on Saturday as highs reach near 90 F. “Wearing plenty of sunscreen and having extra to reapply will be helpful as well.”

“The warmth and humidity will help fuel a pop-up shower or thunderstorm during the afternoon and evening that will threaten to interrupt the race,” he said. Post time is 6:18 p.m

Threatens Both Male and Female, Revived in Cyberspace, Left Broken Hearts and Wallets

Never mind the long distance charges piling up on the victim’s phone.

Most romance scams move at “warp speed”… or even faster. Unfortunately, this doesn’t quite come across in written words unless you know what to look for. Could be a car crash, could be sprained ankle, could be sports injury… It’s all chats. I suggest reading British newspapers and/or books by British authors and see if you notice a different “tone” from your typical American writing.

Dating scams are not that hard to spot if you pay attention. There are some minor ones too.

In one case caught by Australian 60 Minutes, the man caught red-handed at a hotel to pick up money from the victim had 81 victim phone numbers in his phone. The real reason is probably so he can use you in some other scam, such as reshipping or check kiting scams mentioned earlier.

Inheritance “coming soon”

Different countries teach different grammar, diction, and even spelling, even though they are technically all English.

Getting Too Friendly Too Fast

So if a man who claimed to be American uses British spelling of words like theatre and sceptic, be wary. Your “sympathy” should be enough to open your wallet.

If the photo itself is fake, it’s pretty obvious then the rest of the credentials are fake too, and in general, they are vastly exaggerated.

If a photo is duplicated on several profiles, it’s probably stolen and therefore the profile is probably fake.

If the other side drops hints that s/he will get some large inheritance soon, and then you can be together, it’s probably an excuse to get you to pay “her solicitor” and such advance fee scam, in that s/he will pay you back when he got the inheritance. What really happens is this ends up in the scam gang arsenal and is used to scam others as the phone would be showing caller ID of the victim’s location, thus thinking the scammers are not in Africa or Eastern Europe. The usual excuse is “I don’t have money to bribe the customs officials”. This is often done by male scammers pretending to be female, as they can’t fake that.

Another favorite scam excuse is to claim they got into some sort of accident and cannot travel. if the hint had been dropped earlier. an hour a day or more chatting, talking of engagement within a month, and marriage within 3 months…

Plagued with Medical Problems

Bad Grammar / Spelling / Diction

The ostensible reason is to visit you once he got out of the country, which is why he needs your address. As are using homonyms (probably using dictation software instead of actually writing something)

Usually used by male scammers on female victims, he would ask her to send him a mobile phone so he can call her daily and assure her of his love. Also see below.

“Can’t leave the country unless bribes are paid”

Asking You To Send Him/Her a Mobile Phone

This excuse can be easily followed up by “my relatives fell sick” (as mentioned earlier) esp.

And of course, bad English from alleged “Ph.D” is just a huge red flag. It can also be followed up by the “klutz” excuse. No scammer would claim to have only a high school education. The really good ones will simply mention the situation and NOT ask you for money. There is no inheritance and you’ll never see the money again.

Another way to scam money out of victims is the scammer will claim not to be able to leave even though the victim had purchased the ticket for him/her. The scammer will start using endearing terms at 2nd or 3rd chat, professing “instant” connection, “signs” that you’re the one and only, blah blah blah.

If the primary photo is stolen from some other profile, then the profile is obviously a fake one.

Love is Blind (and Deaf)

Another sign of scam is you never saw the other person face to face (or even via Skype), maybe not even voice. Anything will do.

If a photo looks pretty obviously digitally manipulated (the head doesn’t quite fit the body, etc.) then the attached profile is probably fake as well.

British English, even when written are quite different from American English, which is also quite different from Australian English.

If the other side claims to have medical problems, or have relatives that have medical problems, beware that it’s probably an excuse to get you to open your wallet later, or to avoid “flying out to meet you in person”. Most claim to have graduate or doctorate level education. The truth is Africa is not as corrupt as it used to be, and this excuse is getting really lame.

Fake Photo

Asking You for Your Physical Address

Fake Credentials

A Real Klutz. They share some common signs:

To search a profile photo, there are two primary tools: TinEye.com, and Google Search by Image

Emerging bond funds scrambling for Asian debt in tight market | Reuters

“You have the state-owned enterprises come out with new

issues that price virtually on the curve, the concession they

are giving is virtually zero. But Asia’s swelling pension and mutual fund

industries have also created a huge new demand base at home,

elbowing out the Western funds.


“This only builds up pent-up demand for later on as people

are delaying investing.”

($1 = 6.2051 Chinese yuan renminbi)

“It is good news for issuers, and as a result the bonds are

usually more allocated to Asian investors for the lower returns

they ask for,” she said.

Allocations in some recent cases were filled almost entirely

within Asia. These are chunky issuances but

they have been extremely well-absorbed by the market,” said Nish

Popat, a fund manager at Neuberger Berman.

“Right now, my feel is whatever is left of Asian issues for

outside investors is between 20-30 percent – tops.”

The downside for fund managers is that companies are able to

minimise or even do away with the yield premium that new bonds

typically pay to lure investors.

Asian companies have stepped in to fill the void, accounting

for almost 60 percent of this year’s emerging corporate bond

sales, having raised $70 billion as of the end of April,

according to BNP Paribas. Japanese pension funds are also

investing more in emerging markets.

“Some years ago the syndicates would come to Europe and the

United States peddling these bonds and no broker would ever

close the book before people in these latitudes had a look,” he


Chinese refiner Sinopec, which raised $6.4 billion in five

tranches last month, paid 3 and 5 basis points respectively over

existing five- and 10-year dollar bonds. That’s up from a 51 percent share last

year and a meagre 17 percent in 2008, BNP says.

A banker at a U.S. China’s recent cut in banks’ reserve

requirements alone was seen unleashing 1 trillion yuan ($160

billion) into the economy and markets.

So far so good. Asia-Pacific pension assets will

hit $6.5 trillion by 2020 and overall assets will reach $16.2

trillion, PwC predicted, more than double their 2012 levels.

These volumes have lifted Asia’s weight with bond investors,

with China toppling Brazil as the biggest component of the CEMBI

Broad and Diversified indexes, the benchmark for most investors

in emerging company debt.

Chinese Times Property’s $280 million deal in

March came from an overflowing book worth $1 billion, with 90

percent of the bids from Asia.

The Hong Kong-based banker said Asian funds, familiar with

local borrowers, were willing to take lower yields.

Meanwhile, Russian companies returning to the market will

likely be welcomed by investors.

One reason is that Chinese, Korean and other local investors

are keen to put cash into dollars as their own currencies weaken

and interest rates fall. bank’s bond syndicate desk in Hong Kong

said Chinese investors were cash-rich now and some deals

marketed recently had been placed within hours.

Greg Saichin, head of emerging debt at Allianz Global

Investors, estimated that 60 to 70 percent of the average new

issue in Asia is snapped up by locals.

LONDON/HONG KONG May 17 Emerging corporate bond

funds searching for debt to buy up in the absence of Russian and

Brazilian borrowers have found themselves jostling with a

growing number of cash-rich Asian investors for new issues from

the region.

(Editing by Hugh Lawson)

“There is still too much money chasing too few bonds,”

Saichin of Allianz said, adding he had passed on many Asian

bonds which offered no yield concessions.

Bonds from Asian companies, largely Chinese, are dominating

the new dollar issue market now that once-prolific Russian and

Latin American borrowers have been shut out by Western sanctions

on Moscow, a corruption scandal at Brazil’s biggest company

Petrobras, weaker commodity prices and fears of a default in


To compete with local buyers, more and more funds including

his own are opening offices in the region, he said.

“If you are not effectively on the ball with eyes on the

book, by noon you will have missed the bus,” Saichin said

Critics also say investors’ eagerness may be blinding them

to default risk, with coal firm Winsway this month becoming the

third Chinese entity in 2015 to default on offshore bonds.

Asia is already home to huge investors such as South Korea’s

$400 billion National Pension fund and Singapore’s $200 billion

Central Provident fund. For instance last week, Chinese bank CCB took

orders of $7 billion for a $2 billion bond, 88 percent of them

from local buyers.

Reuters has reported that asset managers and banks have been

adding staff in Asia.. But orders for the $2.5

billion five-year issue surpassed $7 billion.

For emerging markets, typically reliant on Western capital,

the rise of a domestic investor base is undoubtedly positive.

In Asia, this is driven by savings pools that are seeing

pension and mutual fund assets grow around 10 percent a year,

according to consultancy PwC

Math – Page 3 – HubPages.com

0 How to Solve Quadratic Systems of Equations: Examplesby Math Homework Help (170 followers)

A system of quadratic equations is a pair of equations of the form

ax^2 + bxy + cy^2 + dx + ey + f = 0

Ax^2 + Bxy + Cy^2 + Dx + Ey + F = 0,

where x and y are the unknown variables, and a, b, c, d, e, f, A, B, C,…