Breeze Into Bukidnon by Allan Leandro Merin

This landlocked province, the fourth largest in the country with a land area of 10,498.59 square kilometers, charms its guests with a collage of mountains, plateaus, canyons, waterfalls, and vast pineapple farms.

As most Philippine travel guides tell tourists, getting to Bukidnon is quite inconvenient as there are no direct flights to the province from major cities in the Philippines. Park officials guarantee that the zip zone is 100% safe.

One of the wonderful waterfalls of Bukidnon is in the fourth-class municipality of Sumilao. Dulangdulang, the Talaandig Ancestral Territory, and Napalit Lake. The rural setting makes Bukidnon a favorite destination among travelers seeking to escape the hassles of the city life.

Local Philippines is your travel buddy. The spiritual center is perfect for retreats where one can hear monks reciting and singing Latin prayers.

Bukidnon has its own share of colorful events. Come February, the provincial capital, Malaybalay City, hosts the Kaamulan Festival, wherein the provinces seven prominent tribes come together to celebrate their customs and traditions. Bukidnon is also home to Dila Falls, Minlaya Falls, Tingag Falls, Bawa Falls, and Bindol Falls.

Monastery of Transfiguration

Here is a sampling of the astonishing attractions in Bukidnon. . During the festival, which runs until the first week of March, the streets are filled with people wearing colorful costumes with intricate patterns. The majority of the population depends on agriculture, with rice, corn, sugar, coffee, rubber, and pineapple being the major crops. Aside from the above-mentioned attractions, other tourist draws in Bukidnon are Mt. Across the top, the falls measures 148 feet high. One can take a bus or a ferry from the city all the way to the province, where tourists are welcomed by cool breeze and magnificent mountain views.

Bukidnon is regarded as the food basket of Mindanao, one of the three island groups in the country along with Luzon and Visayas. Some of the recommended hotels and resorts in the province are the MGM Mountain Resort, Lucky 9 Resort, and Edlimar Farm and Spring Resort.

Alalum Falls

Kaamulan Festival

One way to unwind and rediscover your spiritual path while in Bukidnon is to visit the Monastery of Transfiguration. It also provides daredevils a breathtaking view of the lush greenery in the mountains of Dahilayan. The occasion is part of the celebrations for the foundation anniversary of Bukidnon.

Wondering on where to spend an idyllic vacation in the Philippines? Here is a travel tip – breeze into Bukidnon in northern Mindanao to get a feel of a relaxing countryside vacation. Cagayan de Oro City serves a jump-off point to Bukidnon. The park is home to Asias longest dual zipline with a length of 840 meters. The famed monastery, an architectural work of the late national artist Leandro Locsin, is nestled on the slopes of Malaybalay City. It is surrounded by lush trees, rocks, and green plants. Alalum Falls is located just along the Sayre Highway, making it readily visible to motorists and travelers. The zipline is placed some 4,700 feet above sea level. Accommodations in the province range from the basic to the luxurious. We have information about the destinations, how to get there, what to do while in the area and more! Destinations in the beaches or in the mountains, destinations under water, destinations right at the middle of the urban hub, name it and Local Philippines will most likely feature it.

Dahilayan Adventure Park

A recent addition to the growing list of tourist attractions in Bukidnon is the Dahilayan Adventure Park

How to Increase Keno Winnings

To do this, we compute the probabilities of matching exactly 5 out of 5, exactly 4 out of 5, and exactly 3 out of 5, and then add them.

P(4 out of 5) = (5 C 4)*(75 C 16)/(80 C 20)

= 3825/316316

= 0.012092

P(k out of n) = (n C k)*(80-n C 20-k)/(80 C 20)

5-Spot Keno Expected Winnings per $1 Wager

Knowing that the overall chance of winning a prize in 5-spot keno game is 1 out of 10.3442 gives you an idea of how frequently you will win something. The total probability of winning any prize is the sum of these three probabilities, 30579/316316 or 0.096672. To calculate the expected payout for the 5-spot keno game in Ohio, you simply multiply each probability by the payout and add up the numbers.

P(5 out of 5) = (5 C 5)*(75 C 15)/(80 C 20)

= 51/79079

= 0.00064492

On average, the 5-spot keno game in Ohio pays about 65 cents on the dollar.

In the expressions above, the function (x C y) is the combination function “x choose y” or the number of ways to choose y objects out a a set of x objects. 5-Spot Keno Probabilities

The 5-spot version is one of the most popular among keno players. But what gamblers really want to know is how much they can expect to win for every $1 they play. As a percent, the chances are 9.6672%. In Ohio, for every $1 wager the payouts are awarded according to the following prize table:

First, let’s calculate the probability of winning any prize. When you play the 5-spot game you pick 5 numbers from 1 to 80, and then see if some or all of them match numbers in a set of 20 numbers that the computer picks from 1 to 80. As odds, the chances are 1 in 10.3442.

P(5 out of 5)*$410 + P(4 out of 5)*$18 + P(3 out of 5)*$2

= 0.00064492*$410 + 0.012092*$18 +0.083935*$2

= $0.6499432

5 out of 5 match: win $410

4 out of 5 match: win $18

3 out of 5 match: win $2

P(3 out of 5) = (5 C 3)*(75 C 17)/(80 C 20)

= 13275/158158

= 0.083935

In general, if you are playing the n-spot keno game, the probability of matching k out of n numbers is given by the formula

Can you write a 10 word sentence without using the letter “e”? (a guy did a book like that once)

it’s rather embarrassing… =P

So… My Chemistry teacher just kind of throws the general idea in our directon, but I rely on my self to get anything out of it. I can tolerate his music, but it’s not very vibrant and it’s a little too mainstream for my tastes.

Wow, how much poetry have you written exactly?

That’s true. I am about to go outside and feign killing this snake my sister is screaming bloody murder to me about, so it would be an opportune time for coffee.

Yikes. :P

How did you manage to get third degree suburn?

I don’t know. Somewhere in that lecture, he told me that animals did not go to heaven, they just died, so that really pissed me off because I remember talking about my dog that was shot.

Aww! Conservatives are such bastards. I can’t wait to get it back…

Wow, nice! Do you have a Deviantart account?

No, but I’ve considered getting one a number of times. Have fun, then.

Hehe, I was just poking fun. I probably have 30 to 40 in all, but I haven’t really kept count of the ones not on computer. My cousin made me start using my account, and now it’s become as standardised in my life as Answerbag. It’s funny because I am somewhere in between the two (I think); I’m not really religious, nor am I Athiest. :P

Ah, well, I care about my legs because we walk every night. I have bought shirts with giraffes on them and made a giraffe patterned necklace, and I also draw them on everything and use them as the subject on every artsy assignment that I am able to. Well, not deliberately. Again!,” so I don’t feel as bad. How did you manage to annoy your conservative neighbour?

Oh God… :(

Aww. I just like to think that there is a God, and he agrees with everything I do, except for the things I know are not right. Too many ratios and variables will never make it into my memory…

I guess with chemistry and such, the only real way to learn it is to do lots of practice exercises so that you have a something like a subconscious mental system in practice. . That’s just one of my many amendments I made. What about cooking authentic sarcasm and drawing the ever-lovable quesadillas?

Pigeons are rather noble creatures, I guess :P . =D Oh, and yeah, I have a MySpace account. That actually should make me feel worse, because I am lying, but “I didn’t do it” always makes it tp appear like I made no effort to even make it LOOK like I did something. Do you guys do document studies?

I think nearly everything has to do with the teaching method. I would pick it up, but I just want my sister to shut up. =[ I received really good grades in the two English sections (percentages 80% and 88%)... Kind of a pipe-dream really. :( What animals do you like?

...Giraffes. The other one is just "whatever" for me, because he just kinds of passes out papers and doesn't intereact with us, so I'm kind of indifferent. I hate crows >:(

Heh, yeah sure. =P

Well, I would add you now, seeing as I am using a computer here, but it isn't mine, and I think the MySpace is already logged under their name. I felt bad. Diplomacy-- one of my many specialties. ever received an unexplained negative five?

Bah, all of the time!

I'll try and give you as many unexplained +6s as I can, then. My parents were having us go to church for a couple of months not too long ago, and I couldn't stand it. Bah, crows are [almost] the worst. My profile name’s ‘Sakhalin’, if you want to add me. Hah. I’m sure I’ve managed to piss off at least 5 separate groups of people if they’ve even bothered to look.

…Yeah, I’ve always wanted to be in a band. Ah well, he has a good thing going for him; I’ll just let it be and leave the poor singing/musicianship- good poet thing to him. . I’m not allowed to swim, and showering, sitting, walking, and anything else of that sort is extremely painful. I write my thoughts on things cryptically by nature, maybe I’m unconsciously paranoid that someone may one day read it and call the cops.

I just find it improves my memory and comprehension, is all.

Sorry for boring you with that. It probably had no effect.

I got through high school using cram. I guess that’s one of the benefits of living in a mostly rural state. It was pretty good, except it wasn’t all the way ripe, so I had to return most of it back to nature… What happened there?

Long story: It involved my math teacher that yelled at the entire class about their sub-standard intelligence and lack of home-training, as well as just not teaching.

I guess they’re not that bad for you then, but they’re certainly bad for the people standing around you. =P

Games can have good graphics and still be ugly. I had a mockingbird stuck in my house once. =P

Well… But in the math section, I screwed myself over and received a nice 26%. It’s only been once, and I hope never to have that happen again.

I had no idea that you get out of those things through honesty! Wow. Then, THE principal. It will be at least a week, since I leave for vacation today =P

Ah! I did too. Some denominations of Christianity see it as evil, and others see it as though you’ve been occupied by the Holy Spirit. Not pleasant, not pleasant at all. But I hate monkeys. The idiots are brought up so stupid that they can’t see windows. :( It’s only happened a couple of times to me, but that’s enough. Everything, I guess. I like Japanese and Greek almost as much as I like Mexican…

Lol, I like turkeys. Especially lately, where I seem to be alone in that frame of thought, whereas everyone else sees my photos as “just a picture.” It would be the same if that very person said a poem was “just sentences.” It’s all deep and sappy like that, now. Soon, they began to spend more and more time underground, so eventually they made a sort of home-away-from-home and began to live under ground. :P

Hah, well it’s not always anger. In my old house, it was a little suburban neighborhood with little wooded/grassy area, so a snake was pretty rare. My lyrics aren’t that good. I’m not going to have children, I wish I could make them go away. I haven’t been to a doctor’s office in years, and I’m not starting on vaction. I’m the only A in the class! =D . So it doesn’t work for you?

It may, or it may not, depending on the subject and whether I don’t know something because it’s confusing, hard to remember, or whether I never took the time to learn it. Why do so many people hate you?

Yeah, only -2s…I don’t know. He rides my bus and sometimes he talks to me. Well, I have a horribly guilty conscience, so I can’t doing anything that’s really ‘wrong,’ so little things like pretending to litter and swearing generally suffice… Except seeing as I only wear skinny jeans, it really is just another bad decision on my part. =P

That wasn’t boring. I’ve blown off entire assignments that were 15 pages long. I didn’t feel much like dealing with him– it would have been a waste of time. :(

They took it away? Well, did they just give it back in between the time I commented and now? …Odd.

…Lol, you’re not missing out. It sounds funny, though. I also said that I hated math to someone in the class loud enough for her to hear, and she said it was “a mutual feeling.” I said “If you hate it, too, then why teach it?” and she replied coldly with “I wasn’t talking about hating *math*…” which really was my breaking point in that class.

She probably has some personal problems of her own… But, anyway, I’ll put that on my mental to-do list. Do you piss them off often?

Ah I read that book a long time ago, but I don’t remember a thing. I’d much rather peek nto the booklet that comes with the cd. =P

. I had to specifically say why I “thought the teacher was performing at a level unsatisfactory to [my]self,” which was scary and embarrassing. No Zen Buddhism for you. I still had an overall above average score, amazingly.

Nice. Only in the mornings, when I haven’t had my coffee. you’ve only gotten -2s? Lol. Hmm, you enjoy doing things that are ‘wrong’? And do you have a Myspace account?

Lol, *you* have a dirty mind? –I’m the one who made the immediate assumption connecting sensual to peaches. I got 32% for Accounting in Year 11. Which is just tired and overdone. Lmao. I knew I was doing it, and I wanted to stop, but I couldn’t? Ack… I requested a schedule change several times through the counselor which had little effect until I wrote “emergency” on the slip because I was just getting pissed off by then, so it bumped on the priority list and they called my mother, who I had been complaining to non-stop about this teacher since school had started. It depends on the schools (what is offered). Then my counselor walks in. Make sure to take some photos of them before they heal.

Too late. Get AVG on your home computer. Ever since then, I have felt a bitter hatred towards birds of any type… :P

They give you a document from the period studied, such as a political cartoon from 1917 if you’re studying the Russian Revolution, then they ask you a few questions requiring lengthy answers, such as ‘How does this document reflect the themes and issues specific to the period?’. But I can see where it would happen, I guess. I suppose that I layed out there so long, I damaged nerve endings or something. Or at least I chose to remember it that way… After I finish those problems, it’s just me staring at the paper awkwardly for the rest of the class.

Heh, sorry. I’ve always been brought up to believe there is a “higher power” and so I still hang on to it in some respect. It was too weird, I didn’t like it at all… But it’s good you have such a wide range of choices. =P

I didn’t think you were, sorry. Humans are animals, just like the rest of them. I’m guessing yes, though, because most snakes here are. I may go make some in a moment, though. And I can’t wear jeans, now. I have about 20 poems on my virus-ridden computer in my room, and I don’t know how many I kept on paper, so I have some that are on folded pieces of papers and used scrap paper in different parts of my room. Then the vice principal. I like games where I can run around and try another task if I suck at the one I’m already trying. ;)

That’s a pretty good effort. You’re worshipping false idols; get out of my house!” And I went home crying, and my mother told him off so he was forced to apologize insincerely to me. Do you ever get production graphs? They’re the worst type of documents ever… The only time my parents even schedule those things is when *I* voice a concern about my grade and inability to do well in the class with a stong effort. We’re not sure, because the teeth came really close to penetrating the skin, but because of his boot, they didn’t quite make it. (Have to divide into 2 comments)

When I finally had gotten there, I walked in and saw my parents and my teacher. Heh, your lyrics probably would end up better than mine. I guess brand loyalty is a factor, hahah.

Oh. =/ I don’t know…

Sheesh. I tried really hard to write one when I was upbeat and it sounded as if I were psychotically happy. Donkey Kong Country! Good times.

Have you considered joining Opus Dei? ;)

Well, Bob Dylan can’t sing, and he can hardly play the guitar, but writes good poetry – so maybe you share a few characteristics with him. What are document studies?

Heh, I know what it’s like to be the only serious student in a classroom filled with kids. For Chemistry and Algebra II formulas, this year, I can only hope to get lucky that they’ll provide it. Is that why you’re not sure about Atheism?

I get inspiration from being really pissed and drawing from my anger. There is no talking me into it– people have already tried, so you might as well stop trying to defend them. Do you ever feel like calling that guy and showing him what you wrote six years ago?

I just keep a log of what I did, usually in brief, structured notation. I know what’s legal and within our rights, but I can’t put a numbered Amendment and year and court case to them all. Mostly, I have had to write essays on war propaganda and political cartoons. . hahah.

Okay then. :) I’ve wanted to form a band for a while, although I’m not sure if that’s just a pipe dream or a possible reality. They took my avatar away yesterday. I can paraphrase others, though. He was the first person in rock music to make the lyrics more important than the music. I suppose that being said, mine can get pretty unhealthy at times, when I have a bad mexican food craving. We didn’t evolve from monkeys. that pissed off my teachers so much. I almost do it naturally, but I had to stop myself in school this year because everyone gets analytical about it. My lecturers… I saw a monkey go through every bodily function. =P

Hah. I mean, I’m pretty sure the reason I was in that cess-pool of a class was to enrich my learning enough TO go to college, because I can’t just magically acquire that kind of intelligence on my own. :) What do you hope to glean from learning about WWI? Is there some inner purpose to it?

I don’t really think there is a reason behind it; I just find it interesting, so I kind of absorb knowledge and useless trivia and end up doing nothing with it except for sharing it with other people who will also do nothing with it. I don’t know. I don’t know China’s specific role in World War I, exactly. Pigeons here are mostly in cities, and because they aren’t frightened by people at all, they just act cute and tourists feed them, so I suppose that is why they wouldn’t act out.

Same thing really. Of course the overhead perching is a given, but they fly in your windows?! Hahah. Aren’t you tempted to put it in her bedroom and videotape her reaction?

Not really. My unhealthy ones are loaded with sour cream and extra cheese. My mum went outside to throw stones at them, to physically enact an age old expression.

Bleh, I hate Chinese food. What is it about giraffes that you like?

I don’t know. They are way more responsive than people give them credit for.

Yes, I know… =[

How on earth could you hate monkeys? :(

You like monkeys?! How could you not hate monkeys? They're filthy. I don't mind open-ended gaming, as long as it's nice to look at. .

. She scheduled a conference, and when I went to the office I waited to be called back. Do you like peaches now, as well?

Well, I accidentally left the necklace in a pocket, because I had to take it off for some reason, so the wood lost its luster in the wash-- it looks no where near as good (in condition) as it did when I made it.

Lol, how does it sound "textual?" Actually, I had a peach earlier. <hearts with "Luke" written in them>"

Until recently, I wrote poems a lot, but they haven't come naturally in a bit, so I guess that is where photography came in.

...Photography is like visual poetry?

Aww, that's sweet. I tell my parents every time I receive poor grades, so they don't have to go to the teacher and find out why I am flunking. On one side, my super-conservative-Christian neighbor swore I was devil's spawn; the other down the street was just trashy and rude; so we never quite got along.

We had to read it in Year 11. I think that my want to be in a band is the reason why I am so into music. Anyway, it's really interesting because they used tunneling first as a means to find the enemy and use explosives. It all started in my environmental science class last year, when I fell in love with a picture on the wall of a giraffe eating a peach, and I asked to keep it. :( And I was playing around with name for the last few days - I even reverted back to Sakhalinskii for awhile. I have a short temper with stupid things. My mom wants to take me to the clinic/doctors here. Here, I have a small wooded leafy area in my backyard with a little ravine/swampy-type mud area, so snakes are more common. I just remember Jem and a black man accused of murder, and of course, the theme and all. I've single-handedly brought my grade from a 38% to an 88% because he hardly interacts with us. How ironic. When I went up north to a town called Halls Creek, my brother got bitten through his boot. I don't know. :P

They put up an illusion for people such as yourselves to take in, but don't let them fool you - they are really quite evil. Heheh. I wish I knew the name of that program, now! Hah..

Thanks. I like 6 out of 7 teacher I have. Like I said, I expect to carry nothing from that class, so I am not even studying or paying attention in class anymore. =P

Yeah, I'm trying to stay in "whatever" mode. I had to get them dressed and bandaged, have an injection, and get a prescription. Luke is a funny name. I'm not even joking. But anyway, I had to wite 12 original poems and I made half of them optimistic, and of course, everyone favored them over the real ones. I still have to save my computer ones onto a floppy and transfer them over to this one without contaminating this one, hahah

The pastor, I don't know. I took pictures with some. (As if that makes it any less of a "no." I will probably end up doing it soon, after school lets out.

Ah... . My next two favorites would bethe okapi and zebra. I almost hate to admit it, because I basically hate the site, but I use it to keep in touch with friends from school and listen to music.

Yeah, but that relationship is practically cliched. Heh, they do that. They accused me of exaggerrating and causing a mass-exodus, and wouldn't let me change until my parents threatened to take it to the Board of Education, and of course, tht is when they finally let in. Heheh.

Does that happen often? ;)

No. Now I am The Boobs, but I have no boob. Still, I guess that means you're probably a great writer.

Then keep on doing it, just don't let it get you paranoid. We take our finals next week, and I have completely forgotten how to do anything. Apparently I have 1st, 2nd, *and* 3rd degree burns on my legs. Luckily, my dad plays games as well, and so we have a PS3 and a Wii. Careful, then. =P

Do you have any interesting study techniques?

Not really. I didn't realise that, sorry. why do you care about your legs? You're on vacation. =P Usually, though, I only put cooked slices of chicken, monterrey jack and cabo cheese, a little salsa, and peppers and whatnot. :P

Ah, Donkey Kong Country. Kind of. I don't know why you never hear of it, it was really interesting.

It is. =P

That's a shame. Haha =P You can't criticise my grammar anyway! You said "conscious" and meant conscience! Lol.

Well, if I ever remember to add you while I'm on there, I will. That being said, he can't play the guitar very well.

How long is your poetry?

Well, good graphics these days aren't really hard to find. =P

Sounds it. except turkeys, ducks, and flamingos-- they're alright. And it pissed the neighbors off.

I suppose it must be a cultural thing.

Heh, whatever floats your boat.

"To Kill a Mockingbird", sorry.

Hah! Pissing off the neighbours is always a good thing. I don't piss off my neighbours, but I don't really talk to them much either. =P

I suppose so, sorry. . I'm it's done our eyes some damage, though.

You have the morality of a religious person and the tenacity of an Atheist. She won't need any proof.

Heh, I lolled.

That's awfully nice of you. If it's a confusing subject, it probably doesn't help; if it's hard to remember, it probably does; and if I never learned it, it depends... Quesadillas are only as bad as the ingredients you put in them. That was pretty scary. (And lots of hot sauce, but it's not really bad for you.)

Wow, the pigeons over there sound a little more sinister than the ones I am familiar with. I wouldn't be using a computer anyway, but I got a horrible sunburn the first day here, so I have nothing better to do. and almost all of her students other than myself have A's and B's.)

Heh, my accounting teacher was an ex-army sergeant with skin cancer and a lisp. It's just so weird!

Maybe it was the pastor's BO? I've heard these guys can get rather big, fat and smelly.

Now that I have shared my stupid possessed anecdote, I can go on to what I was orignally going to say. The 15 page assignments are called Mini-practice-sets, which follows the steps in the Accounting Cycle (I hope you remember, because I have no idea... I'm counting on not getting a credit, but I don't care, really. =( Hahah.

...I liked your name when it was Sakhalinskii. I was forced to go to the doctor's last night (although, I must admit at that point I wasn't too reluctant). well, my first Communications lecturer had a thing for me (I think), and the other I get along quite well with - although she has a DVD of mine.

Kinda off topic, but do you keep a diary/journal?

I used to, until I realized I write about the most stupid things known to man. Just as long as I can do something else, it doesn't matter what game it is. Hahah.

A giraffe patterned necklace - that is something I would like to see.

Heh, that sounds rather textual. =P I've written a fairly good amount of poetry.I haven't written any recently, as in this year, but I think I started to slow down in November or so, so it's been a while. I tried screaming at them to shut up, but it only encouraged them and my sister's bird (which shrieks) to get louder and more persistent. :P

You 'can't doing' anything wrong? I'll take your word for it. The most pathetic thing is my poor knowledge of the Amendments, which is the basis of the United States. Religion makes me uncomfortable as a whole. =P

That really sucks. I had to change a subject before, and I saw a large number of people - not the principal, though. It even bores me... The only thing I can tell you that I know is Germany held territories in China, mainly islands, and that Germany also tried to keep the monarchy active so that China would not join the Allies because of the many who supported the war and were basically pro-Allied nations.

Ah, I see. We get one each quarter (4 total). "June 8th, 2001: Deary Diary, Today I bumped my head. I'd like to think it's pretty broad, but considering many people don't care about anything that's going on outside of the U.S, I have nothing to compare against.

I haven't heard you say anything remotely xenophobic, so I'd say it's pretty 'broad'. The poor thing has probably been through enough, anyway (the snake...).

True. Thai food is good, though. :P

Oh-- Well, in that case, that is much better (and more flattering =P). Why the name/avatar change?(Which happened probably forever ago, but I am on the computer so much at work, I almost hate it. [Journalizing, and posting, and statements of changes, I guess]). But, ugh, my temper flares when I am stuck doing the same thing over and over. :P

Yes, and I suppose while I was out, this was brought back up to the front page and I received 3 more. Hahh.

No, can’t say that I have ever considered calling that kid. Oh, God, what was I thinking?! I “caught them all” on GameBoy, though. :P I eat Chinese and Thai food whenever I get the opportunity.

You bloody well are! Aww, what a horrible experience to go through as a child.

Turkeys are just messed up. I miss jeans!!!

I can imagine. What exactly is it you find interest in the World Wars? And what exactly was the role of China in World War I?

Well, mainly I am interested by the technology (both failing and fuctional) and the tactics employed (particularly the underground tunneling) by soldiers (and the lives of the soldiers themselves). Magpies and crows are pretty bad – they snatch sausages out of their buns while you’re eating them.

Lmao, no, no– Mexican food doesn’t have that effect on me. I don’t know yet. Nothing else, really.

…No, really, I’m serious. ;) My conscious went out the window a few years ago, although I like to think I still retain some vestige of morality.

I know what you mean, it’s embarrassing. Pfft. Why would I do that– it was absolutely revolting. It also says something about my hating politics to nearly being Anarchist. Nice.

Speaking in tongues?

Heh, I guess he’s not for everyone. I was okay at History, but I couldn’t grasp the method they were using to teach it. Which, for me, means hurling it back into the woods as far as I can throw it. Like “Dear Diary, I have a crush on a boy named Luke. And how could a human have a soul, and an animal not have one? I mean, if I am going to believe in the whole soul thing, then it’s only logical that everyone would have one. Does this have a negative effect on parent-teacher interviews?

No, because I try to avoid the interviews by just admitting I am failing, that I don’t need the credit (and declaring that I don’t care), and by telling my parents that the interview will have no effect on my (school)work ethic, which they usually do not. Except for the general journal. I figure there’s no point in rushing my life to find out. My other neighbors, now, I pissed them off quite frequently. I’m too indecisive, and I don’t leave enough of an impression for people to recognise me anyway. I remember answerin g a question about what “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face” meant… My Mum’s like that…

I wasn’t going to say anything against them, just an observation. But understanding that can give you a pretty good idea of her weak points.

Well, I am stubborn, and so I will stand on firm ground when I tell you that she was just an asshole, but I can apply that to any other teacher-related problems I have had. I would ask what novel you are alluding to, but the whole face-through-a-meat-grinder thing was enough to have me change my mind. My longest was 5 pages, but that was free verse. There are many clases you can opt in taking after including Anthropology, European History, etc…). They’re either perched precariously above your head at the local train station or they’re flying into your backyard window and scaring the living daylights out of you just for fun… I’ve done one, and received a 38%, so that is when I stopped and just started drawing stars and giaffes all over my work, rather than doing it.

How very kinky. Lol.

Nope, I haven’t seen that one. I didn’t even know that it was possible, but I guess that my poor care of it pre-doctor’s wasn’t a big help. how do you fake killing a snake? (Dr Suess style)

I put it in a box with a fox. What did you fail in? Calculus? Advanced Algebra? Venn diagrams?

Hey, don’t pin the effect of the state on me! The English clearly disproves it! =] I have always sucked at math. how are you supposed to get a page and a half out of a livestock graph? Bleah. I’ll have to check up on that later. Hahah.) I thought someone else stumbled in; I almost felt sorry for another possible ruin of an activity log.

Heh, not exactly. It was all blurry and fuzzy. I don’t expect everyone to hav the same interests as I have; I’m not that opinionated. If there is any reason I should be extremely religious right now, that should be it, but no.

No, I never got him back. It’s all really confusing for me. I suppose it’s one of those “you have to be there to believe it” things, but I don’t know, I wouldn’t make something like that up. Sounds like fun. Textual means something that is relating to text, and I just can’t see where peaches fall in there. Now, my family and friends all buy me random giraffe items and my sister and a few of my closer friends have drawn me some. That being said, I’m not letting someone’s problems get in the way of my possible future; I know that’s selfish, but I’m being honest here. I used to live in a place where I saw poisonous snakes all of the time, but moving a few times since then, I hardly ever see any of those kinds. It’s always the student’s fault, no matter whose fault it *really* is…

Well, the student is the only person in these situations who can’t get sued. I’m not sure how I would cook sarcasm, it’s best raw. I’m as stubborn as a mule, and I kept getting nagged about putting sunscreen on until I just didn’t put it on out of spite. Mine probably go beyond weird by now, though… :) What exactly did you have to do for this 15 page assignment?

Hahah. I just look back at old papers and remember what I can, and if I don’t remember, I write it down to liven my memory.

Some people are really pathetic. =[ I did get a prescription for burn cream, though, it feels much better. Isn’t there some cream you can get?

It’s meant to scare people into putting on sunscreen. Living in America under a conservative government, do you study any other type of history than American?

I haven’t received any of those this year, but they’ve shown up before. I’m sure there are pieces of information that we have not learned as there are in just about any country, for some reason. A few include my uncanny ability to point out grammatical errors such as that in your first sentence =P, cooking authentic quesadillas, drawing giraffes and dinosaurs, and the ever-lovable sarcasm.

No, it’s not bad at all. It was really un-naturally weird.I went to a church service with my friend, and in the middle of prayer, *I* felt “occupied,” and the pastor came over and just hovered over me, and while this was all taking place, I just starting speaking in tongues uncontrollably. They’re pretty convincing though, when I have to do them for an assignment. Heheh. Hahh).

No, ack, textural. =[ They stole my french fries as a child and then proceeded to defecate on my head. Others just do it naturally. I only write when I am pissed or depressed and so that is how everything comes out. If I have to take another math in this school, I will likely shoot myself. It’s more or less a jumble of emotions that I am angry over being in the situation with. I’m obsessed with them. =P

Hahah, I have the crow wake-up call problem myself. I don’t really do things to get revenge that much.

I tried that and failed miserably. I just developed a really interesting composite photo; I used a negative of the school hallway in which the walls seem to converge towards the end, and over the top, I placed a negative of a nature/wilderness path which lines up perfectly on the hallway one, so it looks kind of representative of the “take on the “off-the-beaten trail” future kind of thing. Then, another vice principal. That was pretty kickass. I guess that’s what makes games tolerable for me. the first video game I ever beat was… Some people just don’t have any interest in what happens beyond their immediate scope of cause and effect, you can’t hold it against them. He hated me from then on, though. =P

I think I know what you mean…

Church people think that only cultists believe in a God that allows homosexuality?

Probably. Religion can do strange things to people. So which nations used this tactic?

I believe Germany started first and then France, and after that, most everyone involved followed suit. It took me 7 months to add a girl who I sat next to everyday for an entire year, hahah. That seemed like a long time ago, heheh. It hurt. Including people from New South Wales. a lot of teachers are like that. .

In the States, or at least the schools I have attended, there are a wide variety of course that, after taking your required classes, you have the option to pick what classes you want to be in. Uh, it’s hard to explain– I don’t think that it’s completely crazy, because I did it once. :) How broad is your world-view?

I honestly have no idea. I have yet to see how badly I have failed in that class. My history teacher is really laid back in his teaching style, so everyone does well, because he reaches out to help a lot. Now I have a bump on my head.” Granted, I was eleven, but even for that age, that is just lacking in thought process… =P

Heh, that’s what the Humanities is all about. I never complete my assignments anymore, but I think my teacher believes my “Aw, I left it at home… Even preserved skeletons of neanderthals aren’t monkeys. They mostly live in cities here, too, nesting in pools of filth on top of buildings and in airducts. I am naturally better at History and English and I can remember things in a short amount of time without having to do anything special. I wish they offered a class based mainly on World Wars I and II, as they really interest me. When you throw fruit away, it’s not really littering because it decomposes fast.

Do you mean sensual? Lol. Where do you get your inspiration?

I’m skeptical, sorry. How exactly did the pigeon sacrifice its life?

Actually, I can draw a pretty accurate representation of one of my ever-lovable quesadillas… I suppose that people must have to have been on here longer to actually like me, or so it would seem. I admire your natural bent towards History and English, though. There is no way in Hell we evolved from monkeys. I crammed for the SAT… . How were your exams?

I was wondering why those were popping up, hahah.

Ah, my exams…

…Speaking in tongues is odd. I rarely studied any other way. Very diplomatic of you.

How often do you come across snakes?

Heh… The staff and faculty at my school hated each other.

Well, they were all pinning some pretty bad accusations on me. :P

I suppose that is what photography is to me. The only thing remotely band-like I can do is write poems, which could easily be songs. My other teachers are amazingly nice and excellent teachers, though– even the accounting teacher (I have a failing grade, but she is so understanding… I also have some ideas as to how to integrate photography with my passion for music so that I can meet bands, and get into free shows. I hate being videotaped, and she has her own little videocamera thing, so I can guarantee that she would have her revenge, hah. :(

Heh, I guess anything involving a peach sounds textual. How exciting… Pigeons are quite possibly the stupidest creatures I’ve ever seen. That would just be weird. =P Was the snake that bit your brother poisonous? (Sounds like a thick question, but my friend was bitten by a snake once and we couldn’t be sure whether it was poisonous or whether it was the mimic kind of snake)

Ack! Sorry. no wonder you’ve been quiet lately. Lol.

Lol, so you do kinda lead towards a scientific view of life?

Yes, kind of… I feel like I should know the answer to that already, but I suppose not.

…Hah, I never understood how Bob Dylan kept afloat in the music career… I can’t play an instrument, I can’t sing, and I certainly could not do both simultaneously, so that rules everything out. =/ Hahah. I’ve gotten the “Don’t do that in college” lecture so many times now… =P

I guess… =P

Heh, well I suppose that’s understandable. but I just hate monkeys. This is where I think people would confuse me with a cultist. The same with my Algebra II teacher, only she will help you, but only if you go to her and ask. Peaches are too furry to be sensual (God, I have a dirty mind…). :P

I don’t suppose you’ve seen the ads where they cut out a bit out of a person’s arse and put it on their face?

Ah, God, no kidding— sunburn is the worst. =P I actually always have weird sub-conscious thoughts all of the time. . Unless the gaming sytem is crap, and the game is even worse– but most of the time it’s pretty avoidable because the game is easy to read as being a piece of virtual garbage. Are you having your coffee as we speak?

No. We evolved from the same genus that monkeys evolved from, however.

Well, yeah, that’s true. How are you coping with the legal theory side of it?

Poorly. =P

Hmm… I like animals too much for them to just die. No, I don’t think I am opinionated in anything. Mostly anything else, I like on the same level (except, of course, monkeys– and I can’t forget cockroaches and maggots because I am deathly afraid of them).

Aww, that’s cute. I’m still forcing myself to wear jeans. The higher ranks actually had pretty nice “housing.” Of course, the opposition on either side took advantage and used mustard gas because it was a small area, and those who were exposed brought it in, so it had some downsides like that. It’s basically the same thing, only I get to choose everything else like whether I think God think homosexuality is a sin or not. :(

Are you opinionated in anything, though?

Why are you apologizing, that’s what the “=P” was for! Haha. I suppose that would be true for most extreme anythings, though, hahah.

…I know Bob Dylan is a significant figure in music as far as lyrics go, but still, I can’t listen to his music. It took me awhile to realize that, though. Sometimes I amaze myself with the corny analogies I make…

Well, that’s good, at least no one had to find out for sure the hard way whether the snake was poisonous or not.

The pigeon just happened to land right in front of the snake, on the ground (which I found extremely odd), but hey… =D They’re my absolute favorite. We were quite worried.

It’s a long list. Spelling mistake, sorry. They end up being some kind of hippie/millenarian hate ballad. =P

…What is Opus Dei? Is it a cult? …Lol. =P It’s really bad… I’ve never been bitten, no– I’ve come pretty close to being bitten by a Copperhead, but luckily a pigeon sacrificed its life for mine. I didn’t see specifically which question I failed on because I am too stingy and depressed to pay $25 dollars to see my idiocy in math; however, since I only got 26% of the questions right, I am assuming it was every sub-division of math that exists.

Nah, I meant that you managed to stay above average after getting a 26% because you live in a state filled with hicks (unlike the aspiring artist/academic that you are :) There’s no shame in being bad at maths. Mostly black snakes and garden snakes.

And you are other specialties are…?

That doesn’t sound too bad. I’m not an Athiest because I think it’s weird not to have faith in something. Extreme Christianity. =| Heh. I sat and struggled in that class for most of the year receiving D’s and F’s on every test until I asked her. The classes they make us take are Government (straight-forward; we learn about political parties, lawmaking, court cases, etc…), World History (statrting as far back as the Ottoman Empire and going up to Cold-War era, maybe some Desert Storm; we learned about a lot of cultural conflicts and ideals), and American History (from 18th century as colonies until the current, we learn about economy, government, war, and cultural values). Some of the extreme Christians over here are absolutely certifiably insane. I don’t half mind it.

That’s probably a good thing. Sunburn is horrible. I just noticed I spelled “criticise” the non-American way. :P

I forgot a word between “can’t” and “doing.” But I forgot what it was by now. Details are fuzzy, though.

Pissing off my neighbors– not at this house. Have you ever been bitten? It’s practically impossible to avoid snakes when you go out into the country in Australia, and most snakes are poisonous. I suppose I will say “Go inside, I don’t want you to get hurt,” and take it to the woods, and go back inside and say I killed it. I started off okay, but got zero for three tests at the end of the year. I never really got the gist of being able to answer them properly.

Oh, God, *those* things. I stopped after I realized I don’t need the credit to graduate. I haven’t changed my name. I used to be into the Pokemon craze, and I had a Pokemon card that said “savior” under some creature’s name, and it fell out of my pocket and into their house, which I was in, for some reason. We evolved from simpler versions of humans. My legs are in horrible shape, but I am not going to let it ruin my entire trip. I just think a lot of people think they’re better because they can do it quickly– some people make a show of it. I’ve seen far more monkey than I would have liked to my last zoo visit. Hahah, woo, I am a -2 magnet!

So… =P

…Most of my poetry doesn’t span much longer than a page and a half. I suppose China wasn’t economically advantaged enough to choose sides easily.

How much underground tunneling was actually used? I know the North Vietnamese used underground tunnels extensively during the Vietnam War.

Yes, the tunnels in Vietnam are fairly well-known, but I hadn’t learned about the WWI tunneling until this year, watching the Military Channel or something. All they do is cause problems. Sad to say… Most of my peoms are iambic pentameter, and so that can only go on so long with out sound like I am over doing it. :) Have you ever wanted to be part of a band?

Well, so long as I got something out of it, I don’t care all of the eye damage. It’s not so much massive amounts of homework as it is massive amounts of studying for finals next week, so I’ve been trying to put forth an effort and remember what I’ve forgotten the past year… Try using a shovel. They’re really ugly, but the babies are cute. :P

It’s just a garden snake. But I guess the rest of the class is to blame– they’re immature and seldom listen, so I suppose why bother. I only made it so far as half way, because I get terribly distracted and pissed in games with levels. He said to me “How could anyone be so stupid? Are you not aware that Christ is your savior? People who have things like this go to Hell. It’s kind of pathetic, but the longer I am in school, the less I want to have to deal with it. I think they would just see me as a cultist because I believe whatever I want. She said outrageous things in class, so I guess they sounded hard to believe, but I have nothing on my record and literally no one had above a 72%, a “C.”

What kind of ‘outrageous things’?

I thought the whole not-college level education makes anyone else stupid (she said “stupid”) was pretty outrageous. so… I do remember a few bar graphs here and there, but I can’t remember if it was an essay question or a multiple-choice question. I’m sure they aren’t too appreciative of my listening to music that screams and yells with a variety of noisy and probably annoying instruments playing simultaneously. (They took away one of my credits when I came here, because they were different levels of beginner’s algbra, so I shouldn’t have taken math anyway.)

That’s perfectly understandable. At least I can’t think of anything I am opinionated in…


You’re opinionated in not being opionated? ;)

Lol, I was actually going to say that, and then it was becoming too confusing for my mind to interpret the contradiction, so I just stopped. =P

It depends on where I am when when I encounter a snake. :P

It’s like extreme Christianity, very active in your country.

Bob Dylan had the benefit of being revolutionary. Are most of the teachers as bad as this one?

Not at all, no. I was blessed, because it’s my favorite kind of food (well, one of them), and I eat it all of the time.

…Are you saying that I am susceptible to the pigeon’s evil-doings?! I’m not! I have already learned my lessons from pigeons in D.C awhile back. In my Heaven, people and animals are going to be there; I don’t care if people say animals don’t have souls… =P

I don’t blame you. Not that I was planning to, but I suppose it should raise *some* concern.

Hey, whatever floats your boat. heh… And they’re also really stupid, so I have no need to feel threatened by them. I don’t know what to believe, so I’m just kind of passively doing whatever. accounting. In my profile, I pretty much summed all of that up in one sentence, coming to the conclusion that my tendencies would have me be somewhat of a cult leader or something. Heh, I used to like Pokemon as well *embarassment*. Aren’t quesadillas really bad for you?

I suppose so. A student from Germany was in my class this year, and heard things she had not known about WWII with Germany, and told us things we didn’t know about America…

I guess institutional bias can’t be avoided in such a subject. I made a habit of not completing assignments until I reached Year 10… That’s why monkeys are still here… You have to look at it in context, but that was still a rather brave thing to do. It makes littering fun *and* useful. They’re just glorified simple, short and hairy people, and from there we adapted to climate and a pattern of cilvilized living.

You’re right there. :( Do you have a lot of homework at the moment?

Oh, it’s okay. I’m a walking PSA for sunscreen use. Hahah, wow… And one of them was taunting me, last time I went.

Most animals are filthy. They look like someone put their face through a meat grinder.

I am reminded of a certain novel…

Crows used to wake us up in our old house at something like four in the morning. Did you get him back?

Well, now I’m not *so* embarrassed, but Pokemon… You’re smart, and in college you’ll hopefully be doing something you enjoy. I can’t blame anyone, though. (Mass-exodus, what the Hell do I have to do with the entire class wanting to change schedules?!) and saying that I was lying– which really pissed me off, because I hardly ever lie, and when I do, it’s about stupid things! So they made me swear on my word (which is rather contradictory considering they think I am lying, so my word would be worthless to them…) that I wasn’t lying. then they’ll rear up and do it again.

Was it? I thought it was pretty lame, hahah. But I get good scores on tests, so I’m not changing until something goes wrong with that method…

Do you cram?

Only when I am worried beyond belief. It sounds like a childish thing to be staying in with. I know it’s not littering, but it’s my backyard, and with my morals, I like to feel like I am doing something wrong once in a while (but not actually do anything wrong… That is the only one I can remember verbatim. it saved me a possible hospital trip. But I made amendments to the science, too. =P

That WAS pretty sharp. I take my final on Friday regarding all of this and the essay questions. You really haven’t a use for a boob, anyway. I’ve ruined my vacation. I have yet to be bored by you. It was the first video game I ever beat, lol.

…Heheh, thanks. My personal favorite is when they give a document that has absolutely no relevance to anything in this modern day and age, and achieves its purpose using the most antiquated, rambling verbiage known to mankind; then I am expected to fully interpret it and its significance (or lack thereof) based on a single passage that I can’t even understand. It wasn’t a problem until recently, when I could start sleeping in again. No XBox 360, though. And now they’ve managed to work their way into conscious thought.

And into your photography?

I think so

An Engineering Marvel Faces Uncertainties

Early this year, a group of international power companies donated a $1 million hydroelectric project to help save the rice terraces. In the late 1990s officials of the American Civil Engineers (ASCE) conferred the “International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark Award” on the Banaue Rice Terraces – the 19th structure in the world to receive the honor.

Graef added, “Stretching a breathtaking 400 miles long, the terraces represent a rearrangement of the Cordillera mountain range from bedrock to topsoil, and bring forest water from 1,800 meters high, down to the lowest tiers…”

Rice Terraces Conservation

Those visiting the rice terraces are now confronted by a phenomenon far more pressing than determining the age of the terraces and it is a disturbing occurrence that is more and more visible: the terraces are in a continuing state of decline and neglect. It is drained by the Magat River, a principal branch of the Cagayan River. The old farmers are unable to till their land and their children are lured by city life and have chosen to leave the mountains.

The Ifugao rice terraces of the Philippines are often referred to as the “eighth wonder of the world.” These rice terraces had been declared a UNESCO World Heritage sIte and aside from being a central tourist attraction. In all, they span about 400 miles.

But help is on the way. Some walls, however, exceed 25 feet. Graef said, “As a civil engineer, I am astounded how the use of civil engineering principles such as hydrology, sustainable development, and efficient use of water resources and water irrigation are all embodied in the careful design of this remarkable ancestral land management program.”

Farmers have been vacating their rice fields for years. Mountainsides were converted into stepped irrigated slopes, and springs, streams and rivers into irrigation canals.

The rice terraces cover a vast expanse of cultivated mountain slopes and are a testament to the amount of collective effort used to transform an otherwise unsuitable terrain into one that is both productive and awe-inspiring. In those early years, however, the problem did not seem immediate because of the more or less equal number of terraces being vacated and new ones being built. The Ifugao Rice Terraces is a cultural site and must be protected,”

e8 is a non-profit international company created in response to the 1992 Rio Summit. It took incredible skill and ingenuity to sculpture the mountains, for the natives had to rely mainly on water which they used as carrying agent to transport rocks and huge stones. Most are stone – walled and average six to eight feet high. The complex and extensive irrigation systems that have evolved reveal an amazing feat of hydraulic engineering executed by a “primitive people” with tremendous ability in resource management. The entire area is covered by precipitous highlands, some reaching 2,300 meters. the terraces have been the subject of considerable studies by visiting and resident scientists.

In the past, the government gave incentives to encourage families to continue taking care of the rice terraces. Nothing was considered non-transportable. Without the support from the current government, this breathtaking engineering marvel has been slowly losing its luster.

The immensity of the terraces attract the tourists. Unfortunately, in recent years, the frequency of abandonment has increased while the number of new terraces being built has continued to decline. Beyer even went as far as to say the farmers started to leave their terraces 500 years ago. The complexity of this engineering marvel is what attracts the anthropologists who want to determine the age of the terraces and the origins of the people who built them.

Radio carbon 14 data on some sites explored by the archeologist Robert Maher support earlier theories that the Ifugao natives have been occupying the mountain slopes for almost 2000 years – could the terraces be 2,000 years old?

What make them so awe-inspiring are their astounding dimensions. He postulated that if the walls of the terraces were to be stretched out in one straight line, the total length would be equal to half the earth’s circumference.

Engineering Marvel

The terraces are not only admired for their magnitude. Upon seeing the Ifugao rice terraces, one anthropologist declared: “the rice terraces are the most impressive scenes in the Philippines, the highlight of all its marvels.”

e8 Executive Director Johane Meagher said, “It is our goal not only to pursue sustainable energy development but to raise awareness of the cultural heritage of one nation. It is on these slopes that the natives used crude tools to carve the terraces which cover an area of 100 square miles. They are also hailed as an engineering achievement. Japan’s Tokyo Electric Power Co., in behalf of e8, built a hydro plant in the Ambangal River.

The Ifugao Ambangal hydro plant is expected to generate some $70,000 in annual revenue which will go to the Rice Terrace Conservation Fund.

Henry Otley Beyer was one of the earliest scholars to study Ifugao culture. Indeed, the influx of scientists was such that it led one American archeologist to suggest that “virtually every anthropologist who visits the Philippines must have found himself in Ifugao at some point during their stay.”

Ifugao Province occupies the eastern and central slopes of the Cordillera mountains in Northern Luzon. This prompted UNESCO to include the Banaue rice terraces in the list of “World Heritage Sites in Danger.”

As scientists continue to aim at resolving the age of the terraces, archaeologists, engineers, geologists and social scientists continue to arrive. It is composed of 10 leading electrical companies from the G8 countries and its mission “is to play an active role in global electricity issues within the international framework and to promote sustainable energy development through electricity sector projects and human capacity building activities in developing and emerging nations worldwide.”

Upon conferring the award, ASCE president Luther W. Although terracing cultures can be found in other parts of Asia and Central America, only in Ifugao province has such an exceptionally high level of development been achieved.

Tropics Take Aim At Philippines

This system is expected to push to the west for the next few days as it gains strength over the warm waters of the Pacific.

A second landfall of this storm could be over southern Vietnam and Cambodia, bringing with it the possibility of flooding rainfall, stronger winds, coastal flooding, and mudslides. That is Tropical Depression 31W, which is still several hundred miles east of the Philippines, and even southeast of Guam. And with Tropical Depression 30W moving through, even more rain will be added to that total through the week.

Another system, currently called Tropical Depression 30W, is located just east of the southern Philippines island of Mindanao, is expected to push over land in the morning hours Monday, before pushing into the South China Sea by late Monday. There will be a threat for mudslides as several weaker storms over the past few weeks have affected the region and brought heavy rainfall. This third storm is the one to watch closely for the Philippines as this will likely strike land late in the week. This is where the storm is expected to develop further and could become a tropical storm or even a typhoon as it pushes westward.

Published November 03, 2013

Image of the tropical systems from early Sunday afternoon, EST.

The third, and perhaps most dangerous storm is still in its infancy. This is expected to be at least a minimal typhoon as it strikes the central islands of the Philippines, and even has the chance to be a strong typhoon as it moves through. Anyone from Ho Chi Minh City through Hue in Vietnam will have to pay close attention to this storm.

. The exact track is still to be determined, but anyone in the Philippines will have to pay close attention to the system over the next few days.

Typhoon Krosa Targets Vietnam Next

AccuWeather West Pacific Tropical Center

Manila, Philippines forecast

Once this system strikes the Philippines late this week, there is a chance for another system for next weekend with the West Pacific remaining active.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert

Currently, there is a tropical system to the south of Hong Kong, the once typhoon named Krosa, that is expected to strike southern Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia with some rain and threat for flooding Monday into Tuesday.

The tropical West Pacific remains quite active this week, as three systems are currently in the basin with landfall of these storms expected through the week.

This is expected to bring heavy rainfall for most parts of the Philippines, along with some strong winds and rough seas

Pluto Has A Heart! New Dwarf Planet Photos Reveal Massive Ice Mountains To Rival The Rockies

Mountains at the lower left-hand side of the heart feature are so massive that scientists say they rival the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains on Earth. As Pluto has previously been thought to be composed of nitrogen ice, methane ice, and carbon monoxide ice, members of the NASA team were quick to point out that ice mountains thousands of feet high definitely hint at the presence of water on the surface.

Well, the virtual socks are definitely off already, thanks to Pluto, the little non-planet that could just win over our world from several billion miles away with just a peek at its heart of mountains.

As pictured below, the large whitish feature on the dwarf planet’s southern hemisphere resembles a great glowing heart. Pluto was first discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh, the astronomer whose ashes were on board the New Horizons space probe during the historic fly-by, as previously reported via the Inquisitr.

“They would stand up respectably against the Rocky Mountains,” claimed New Horizons planetary scientist John Spencer, according to CNN.

Since the photos came to light, there has been intense speculation about massive mountains found located near the bottom left of the “heart” of Pluto.

The surface of Pluto reveals mountains near the dwarf planet's equator.The surface of Pluto reveals mountains near the dwarf planet's equator.

The surface of Pluto reveals mountains near the dwarf planet’s equator.

The team with possibly the most women ever in NASA history (women form one-quarter of the 200 person team, per the Atlantic) has waited nearly 10 years for the images from the unmanned spacecraft. will have 10 times the resolution of what we see today, and it will knock your socks off,” Stern said.

The heart is an estimated 1,000 miles wide, and is relatively smooth and devoid of features, unlike our own crater-filled moon, which the NASA team believes could give evidence that geologic processes could periodically refresh Pluto’s surface in much the same way that magma refreshes the surface on Earth.

Pluto's Pluto's

Pluto’s “heart” begins to rotate into view on July 12.

The mountain range at top right, photographed from within 7,800 miles of the Plutonian surface at an unbelievable 30,000 mph, is a brand-new discovery. At a projected 11,000 feet high, these mountains would make any dwarf planet proud.

– CNN (@CNN) July 16, 2015

Not bad for dwarf-planet Pluto, formerly known as “the planet Pluto,” snubbed out so far it got knocked down in status to “asteroid 134340″ in 2006 by the Minor Planet Center, per The decade wait was worth it. One could go so far as to say that this little frozen outcast of planets has been holding out its great warmth on us far-away humans.

“This is clearly a world where both geology and atmosphere climatology play a role,” New Horizons principal investigator Alan Stern in a statement, per the Los Angeles Times.

Ice mountains and water? Pluto is turning out to be full of surprises: NASA Astronomers believe the range to be youthful, formed no longer than 100 million years ago in our 4.56 billion-year-old galaxy, massive, and comparable to some of the most impressive ranges here on Earth. The images do not disappoint!

The headlining black-and-white photograph was taken Monday, when the New Horizons space probe was 476,000 miles from Pluto, and obtained by the Long Range Reconnaissance Imager, or LORRI, then colorized, per the Los Angeles Times.

[Image via NASA]

Members of the team are still analyzing photos projected over 3 billion miles from the little non-planet, but they have already learned so much in just a few days.

USA Today reported that these ice giant mountains may have been created by geysers, or, out-of-this-world as the idea seems, ice volcanoes. Moreover, they may reveal evidence for water on the surface.

Pluto has a heart! The heart feature is approximated to be 1,000 miles across.Pluto has a heart! The heart feature is approximated to be 1,000 miles across.

Pluto has a heart! The heart feature is approximated to be 1,000 miles across.

Pluto Has A Heart! New Dwarf Planet Photos Reveal Massive Ice Mountains To Rival The Rockies

Pluto sent what New Horizons astronomers are calling a “love note to Earth” via the New Horizons space probe on Tuesday, as noted by the San Diego Union-Tribune, and the photos have been getting more and more detailed with each passing day.

“Our data tomorrow..

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Supreme Court Justices rebuff NJ’s effort on sports betting

Nevada has allowed betting on sports for more than 60 years, and Delaware, Montana and Oregon have at times permitted more limited betting. Justice Department wouldn’t challenge it, which he said would be consistent with its stance in other areas.

The dissenting judge said Congress exceeded its authority when it passed the federal sports betting law.

The dissenting judge said Congress exceeded its authority when it passed the federal sports betting law.

The appeals court said it was not judging the wisdom or desirability of allowing sports wagering.

“Aren’t they selling marijuana in Colorado and Washington?” he asked. Sen. New Jersey says an estimated $500 billion is bet illegally on sporting events each year.

The justices did not comment in letting stand lower court rulings that struck down New Jersey’s sports betting law because it conflicts with a federal law that that allows state-sanctioned sports gambling only in Nevada and three other states.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, the major professional leagues in baseball, basketball, football and hockey sued to block the New Jersey law from taking effect, saying betting would harm the integrity of their games. The state’s appeal was led by Gov. “Isn’t that against federal law?”

Voters in New Jersey overwhelmingly amended the state constitution in 2011 to allow sports wagering. New Jersey missed a deadline in the law that would have allowed sports betting in Atlantic City.

“New Jersey’s sports wagering law conflicts with PASPA and, under our Constitution, must yield,” the court said.

. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia.

The appeals court said it was not judging the wisdom or desirability of allowing sports wagering.

The New Jersey lawmaker who wrote the betting legislation said he plans to introduce a bill that would repeal all laws prohibiting sports betting. Chris Christie and it argued that New Jersey was trying to limit illegal sports wagering and capture some of that money for the state treasury. Raymond Lesniak said he hoped the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia.

The Supreme Court on Monday left in place a ban on sports gambling in New Jersey, rebuffing an attempt to bring betting on professional and college sporting events to Atlantic City casinos and the state’s racetracks.

But those actions ran up against the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, enacted by Congress to restrict betting on sports to a few states. Bets wouldn’t have been taken on games involving New Jersey colleges or college games played in the state.

A trial judge ruled against the state and his ruling was upheld by a divided panel of the 3rd U.S. State lawmakers soon enacted a law to allow for betting at tracks and in casinos. The Obama administration also joined in the legal fight, opposing New Jersey.

“New Jersey’s sports wagering law conflicts with PASPA and, under our Constitution, must yield,” the court said.

A trial judge ruled against the state and his ruling was upheld by a divided panel of the 3rd U.S

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How to bet Oregon-Ohio State

There will be lots of speed and playmakers on offense for both teams here.

Despite facing two top 15 defenses in yards per game allowed, the Buckeyes were able to put up 558 yards against Wisconsin and 537 yards against Alabama. Therefore, I will defer to the total in this one. To put into perspective how impressive those performances were, that was 284 yards more than what the Badgers were allowing on the season and 225 yards more than what the Crimson Tide were allowing coming into the game. Only twice all year have the Ducks been held below 42 points and neither of those have occurred in their current nine-game win streak. Now the Buckeyes defense gets only a few extra days to prepare for Marcus Mariota and the Ducks’ fast-paced offense.

A big reason for the Buckeyes’ offensive success has been QB  Cardale Jones’ ability to stretch opposing defenses vertically, averaging 16.7 yards per completion. Now, Ohio State faces Oregon’s No. Those underdogs winning outright ruined a lot of bowl confidence contest selections, including mine — I went 2-4 SU and ATS, That came on the heels of a regular season in which my picks went 112-38 SU and 74-74-1 ATS.

All odds courtesy of Westgate Las Vegas as of Monday morning.

Matchup: Oregon Ducks vs. Look for a high-scoring, entertaining game that comes down to the final possession.

ATS pick: Over 75.5

Phil Steele says: The College Football Playoff National Championship on Monday night wraps up a crazy bowl season that saw the underdogs incredibly win 20 of the 38 bowls outright. Buckeyes games have gone over the total in 12 of the last 13 since the opener, with the Buckeyes offense scoring at least 42 points in 11 of those games. 84 defense that allows 422 yards per game.

On the other side, the Ducks offense is averaging 194 more yards per game than what their opponents are allowing in their last six games. Oregon comes in on a nine-game ATS winning streak, while Ohio State is a perfect 5-0 SU and ATS as an underdog under Urban Meyer, including winning its last two games impressively. However, this year’s new College Football Playoff sets up nicely as both teams just played 11 days ago and shouldn’t have any problems with their offensive tempo. Ohio State Buckeyes

Spread: Opened Oregon -7; now Oregon -6

Total: Opened 73.5; now 74

As far as the championship game goes, I am not comfortable going against either team in this one. Usually, title games are lower scoring because of a long layoff from the regular season finale. It also helps that RB Ezekiel Elliott has run for a combined 450 yards in those two games.

With the inaugural College Football National Championship on Monday night, two of ESPN Chalk’s college football experts — Phil Steele and Bruce Marshall of The Gold Sheet — give you their picks, along with prop-bet advice from John Parolin of ESPN Stats Information.. To put that in perspective, in the previous four years combined, underdogs were only 48-90 SU